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Where has August actually gone? I seem to have blinked and we are in September but I don't mind as that is my birthday month so it is usually pretty busy and stuff normally ends up getting done. Throughout August I decided to change a lot of things from my personal style to our house. Jobs have been planned and I have ended up buying a fair few items to help with these changes along with a lot of other random items too as places have some fantastic items to purchase these days. So here is what I got in August...

I have seen people highly recommending these Spunj items on Instagram lately so I thought it was about time I gave them a go for myself. I picked these up from B&M for just a few pounds each and I can't wait to give them a try to see if they work like people say. You know you are getting old when you get excited about cleaning products but lets hope these are good ones. 

I am so ready for those cosy autumn nights as this summer has been a bit of a let down in my eyes with the weather but I like autumn anyway so roll on the 22nd of September. In preparation for autumn I picked up these gorgeous soup bowls again for just a few pounds each. I absolutely love the colour of these and the cosy wording as it gives me real autumn vibes. We do have a lot of soup over the colder months so I can't wait to get using these. 

We had a trip to our local TK Maxx one evening to have a look at their autumn section and we weren't disappointed. We could easily have spent a fortune in there but we managed to limit ourselves however, did we need this Skull plate? Probably not but we absolutely love it and it will be great for having snacks on during Halloween. I am trying to embrace spooky season this year and fingers crossed this helps.

I love skulls to be honest, my spare room even has skull wallpaper on the feature wall. We have been looking for a new chopping board for a while now so when we saw this I wasn't leaving it behind and Liam didn't seem to mind us getting this one either. This was £5.99 and is a really good size so I can't wait to get to use it once the kitchen is all sorted out and tidied up. I am not sure if this will be a year round item or if it will be stored away after autumn but we will soon see. 

I am absolutely loving Space Jam at the moment as you will see later on in this post too. These lunchboxes were from Primark for just £4 for the set and they are a fantastic new addition to the Tupperware draw. Since going back to work I have been trying my best to take my lunches with me so these are going to come in very handy for taking my lunches daily whether it be for a snack or for a sandwich. 

I guess candle season is here and this is where I usually end up spending a fortune on candles due to the brilliant scents we get at this time of the year. My first candle purchase had to be this gorgeous fireside marshmallow one from B&M for £2. I love candles from B&M as they are always really reasonably priced and the smell really carries which is great. I am sure there will be a lot of candles purchased before Christmas but this is a great start. 

For a while now I have wanted to get a basket for our blankets and throws in the living room so they have a place to live rather than being left laying around. This is the perfect size for what we have and it looks great in the living room in between our sofas. I am really wishing that I got this sooner as it is just making the living room so much better. This one came from TK Maxx and is a really good quality so I am sure it will be around for a while.

Every time I have been to B&M recently I have looked at the serving boards they have had to offer, which is a huge selection these days. The one that kept jumping out at me was this slate serving platter board for £2.99, I don't know why but I kept looking at it and I finally give in and purchased it. This is going to be a part of a center piece on our dining room table once my party is over and done with and I can't wait to see how it ends up looking. I might end up using this at parties for serving but for now I am happy to use it as part of my decoration. 

I have taken to drinking Rose wine these days which is a bit out of the blue as I wasn't a fan of it previously but now it is one of my favourite things to drink. I have seen a lot of people mention Whispering Angel lately so I searched all over for a bottle to try for myself. This bottle was £20 which is the most I have spent on a bottle of wine ever but I can't wait to drink it and hopefully really enjoy it. I have a funny feeling if I do like this I might end up keeping a stock of it. 

It is my little family birthday party at the start of September so I am getting stocked up on items for that so I aren't rushing around at the last minute. There is a rose gold theme to the party so B&M has been the place for me to go for party bits. I picked up this plastic cutlery set for the party for just £1.99 and I think I would honestly use this everyday as they look that good. 

For the party I also got these rose gold trays which are going to be perfect for the snacks and I will probably be able to reuse them too which is great as I can just put them into storage and reuse them as and when I need to. I love the colour on these and can't wait to actually use them. 

For the party I thought I would also pick up some plastic champagne flutes for our prosecco as it is just a bit nice than drinking out of normal glasses. If these go down well I think I might end up getting some actual glass ones for myself and any future parties we have. I guess I just need friends to invite round for future parties but for now I am happy to use them for family and myself. I love the little rose gold detail around the top of these.  

This was a bit of a random buy that I know is going to be used a fair bit. This is yet another item from B&M that was an absolute bargain. This was bought as a bit of a tapas board for my party but I already know that I am going to use it plenty more times especially in the autumn as we have more nights in as it is perfect for filling with snacks whilst we are all nice and cosy. The fact that it is also a lazy Susan is just an added bonus. I won't be using this until my party but I can't wait to get plenty of use out of it. 

I am all for being better for the environment but I can't be doing with paper straws as they just go soggy in my drink. Our local One Below store was selling these PLA straws that are like a plastic make however, they don't actually contain any plastic which is great as I don't have to worry about them going soggy and I can drink my drink easily. They are also great for McDonald's milkshakes as they can deal with the thickness of the shakes. 

I am trying to look after myself a little bit more these days and as I have been so busy lately and on my feet a lot I have decided to treat myself to a few foot packs each month. I just tend to get these from the pound shop or my mum will get me them but I always have a stock of them so I can use them as and when I want. My favourites are definitely the charcoal ones so no doubt I will be getting more of them soon. 

It has been a while since I got myself a Nintendo Switch game so with a trip coming up I treated myself to Saints Row IV. Granted I didn't get to play this on the trip but I can't wait to finally dive into a game I used to love on the Xbox. This game will take some getting through as I don't play my Switch very often but who knows this might change soon. 

I absolutely love comic books and I am starting to finally get back into purchasing them. A new comic book shop has just opened in our local town so I had to look in and I ended up coming out with two hard back comics. I love the Batman and TMNT comic books so once I saw them in hard back that was it I was leaving the shop with them. I can't wait to sit down and read through them. When the games room gets redone I will no doubt end up with a comic book corner at this rate as more and more get added. 

As I said earlier I am loving Space Jam lately and as soon as I saw Smyths Toys were selling these Space Jam soft toys I had to purchase them, there are quite a few to collect but I limited myself this time around to just 3 and those 3 had to be my favourites. For my first 3 I picked up James, Bugs Bunny and Taz but I do want to try pick up all the others too as they are great. Now I just need to find a place for them to live. 

Whilst Euro 2020 was on all be it a year late, I managed to win myself a football thanks to Coca Cola. I will be honest I didn't think this was actually going to turn up but I am so glad it did as it is great. The ball its self is nice and shiny and it came in a great box showing what it is made to commemorate. With things like this I don't normally like taking them out of the box so now I need to decide if I want this on display or to play with. 

I have finally got back into playing football again and so far I am absolutely loving it although I have only had a few sessions. Since it has been so long since I lat played my previous shin pads had magically disappeared so I needed to grab some new ones. I actually struggled finding some in my size due to low stock everywhere so when I came across these Puma ones I purchased them straight away. To be honest I have never used Puma ones before so it will be interesting to see how good they are. 

Growing up I was a little obsessed with Total 90 items from Nike, I had a t-shirt, boots, tracksuit and a whole lot more. So when my auntie found this one in a local charity shop and asked if I wanted it I couldn't say no. I absolutely love this t-shirt and it is added straight to my football collection I don't think I will be wearing it anytime soon but it is always great to have. 

You will have seen a lot of Chicago Bulls items on the blog over the past few months and as long as I keep finding them in Primark I will be sure to keep buying them. I wanted some more items for lounging around in as my other stuff is getting far too big on me and is getting more annoying than comfortable. This was only £8.00 and is already a little big but it will do for lounging around in even when it drops a bit colder as I could always throw a hoodie on over the top of this. I am hoping it looks good next summer too but I aren't holding out much hope for that. 

The final Space Jam item for this post is this brilliant acid wash t-shirt that again was just £8 from Primark. I love this t-shirt as it is nice and simple on the front but has the giant graphic on the back which looks great. I know I have said before my style is changing and that I am going away from these sort of items but I just couldn't help with this one so on those more chilled days/ street style days I am sure this will come in very handy. 

Finally we have this checked shirt from H&M, with autumn quickly approaching I always like to start adding new pieces to my wardrobe to suit my style so with it changing a bit I needed to get a few more pieces so I always have an option available in my wardrobe. I love the checked shirt from H&M and tend to get a few each year and this time I have started getting them bought early. For £17.99 they are great quality and really do last so I don't think this is the last you will be seeing of these on here as the cold weather rolls in. 

So there you have it August was definitely a month of spending a lot of money but I absolutely love everything I got and things are going to come in handy whilst other bits are totally random. September might end up being another month of spending but mainly on the house rather than myself as other bits will be got for my birthday rather than me spending my money on them. I actually think the next few months might be spent purchasing for the house rather than me and I am actually happy with that these days. What is your favourite purchase from August? 

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