Glamping for the weekend

On the most recent bank holiday here in the UK me and the family packed up and headed to a glamping site for the long weekend and it was just what was needed, a bit of time in a different surrounding with family having a good laugh and plenty of drinks. For the 4 days it was none stop but in a good way, with plenty to do and a lot of walking there really was something for everyone on this trip. We were lucky enough to have booked the whole site for just us so the grass space was ours to use whenever and we had all the facilities to ourselves making things much easier really. To say we got there on Friday and left early on Monday we seemed to pack a lot into the tip and here is what we got up to. 


We didn't rush on Friday which was nice as we got to relax a bit before we set off. Due to us not being able to check in until 3pm we stopped off at York Designer Outlet on our way to the holiday and to be honest for the first time ever I am a bit disappointed as they didn't seem to have much. I got myself some football boots and my nephew a Build A Bear soft toy but that was it, I would normally come back with bags full but this time I was let down. Once we were done at the Outlet it was back in the car to carry on to where we were staying, this was only a short trip so we got there a bit early but were allowed to get checked in. Once we were all checked in and set up in our pods my nephew cracked out the cricket and golf set and we just played games with him for a few hours. The men and my sister then decided to walk to the local pub for a few drinks whilst the ladies stayed with my nephew and had a few drinks and a lot of fun playing cards and dancing with the nephew. 


Saturday started off at a nice slow pace, everyone was up pretty early so I made us all a fake McDonalds breakfast before we all went and got ready for the day. it was really warm on Saturday so we definitely picked the right day to head to the seaside. We opted to go to Filey for the day and it was so warm but we definitely had a nice time. Some of us spent a while on the beach with my nephew whilst others went to the shops. We went in the amusements then headed back to the site, it was a really nice day that really seemed to fly by. When we got back to the site a few of us headed to the local pub for a bit and once we got back it was time to get the BBQ started. We had some food, had some drinks and played even more cricket and football, we were shattered though from the day so most of us ended up having an early night. 


Sunday was our last full day so we ended up having a bit more of a relaxed day and mainly stayed close to the site. Although I say it was a relaxed day we seemed to get loads done and it involved a lot of walking. First up a few of us nipped to a nearby town where we went to Tesco and a few other shops before going back to relax a bit more. We then walked to what my nephew called the Teletubbie land which is basically a farm with a lot of hills which looks gorgeous. We then headed back to the site to just relax and play even more cricket before heading out for another walk this time to an abandoned medieval village , this was brilliant but the walk was a killer with the incline and footpath, it was nice to do it though especially as it was just me, Liam, my sister and my grandad who did this. Once we got back it was time for another BBQ and more games with the nephew. It was still early and a few were getting bored so we all ended up going through to Bridlington for a bit as it started to get dark. We had a nice walk on the front, went in some more amusements and ate some food before heading back. This was a nice way to end our final evening. 


Unfortunately Monday was home time and we stayed on site for as long as possible before heading off. We all got ready and started to pack up whilst having breakfast from the cafe next door. It was a nice slow morning and was just really nice as we even managed a final walk to the duck pond before heading off. On the way home we called into the Junction 32 outlet and again I was a little disappointed but I got some more football bits so I can't really complain. Once we were done there we headed back home to see how work on the loft had gone before I headed to watch the Stock Cars with my parents, sister and nephew. 

I really enjoy staycations here in the UK as there are some fantastic places all over the country with plenty to do and you can get stays like this at a really good price. To be honest I am not really a big fan of going abroad, don't get me wrong I do like it but I aren't one of these people who needs a trip abroad multiple times a year, I would rather have multiple UK trips and explore what is on my doorstep. I am hoping that now things are going back to some normality trips are going to become more frequent and more and more get added to the blog for the memories. What do you think about glamping? 

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