Items I Love To Have In My Wardrobe For Autumn

It is finally here my favourite time of the year. It is only in recent years that I have grown to like autumn but now it is the season I look forward to the most, I love night cuddled up with a hot chocolate and just generally being cosy but what I love the most is autumn fashion. I love layering up and the colours and this year I am embracing it more than ever, I am determined to have the best autumn wardrobe I have ever had and I am even more determined to make an effort daily with my style as I have been slacking recently. In preparation for the autumn season I have been doing a fair bit of research and shopping to get the items that I require for my autumn wardrobe and here are the items I think we should all have to hand for the season...


I usually lack in the accessories department but it is usually in autumn where I tend to add a few to my outfits just to improve them that little bit more. So here are the accessories I think we should all have for autumn...


As I said before I tend to wear more accessories in autumn than any other season and this is definitely where I wear more jewellery. For me silver and rose gold jewellery is my go to and I like to have at least a nice ring, bracelet, necklace and watch on each day throughout autumn, I am hoping that this autumn I can really build up my jewellery and watch collection. 


This is an item I am hoping to add to my wardrobe soon as I have never previously bothered with one. The UK weather is really unpredictable and this year it seems to be worse than ever so I want to get a nice and compact plain black umbrella just to give me a bit of added protection whilst I am out and about. At least if it is plain black it will coordinate well with my outfits. 


This is one of my most worn accessories especially when I am at the football as I need something to keep my head warm whilst I am sat around for a long period of time. Having short hair means my ears get cold quite a bit so a beanie hat is what I reach for the most. I have a variety of hats for football and daily wear so I am sure you will be seeing me in them quite a bit. 

Clothes Brush

This is another item I really need to invest in. I have a few items where dust etc collects on them such as my black t-shirts so I want to invest in a nice clothes brush so I can keep my clothing looking nice and clean before I head out of the door. A clothes brush will hopefully improve the look of my clothing and improve my outfit so it is looking its very best before I head out of the door. 


Ah here we go my favourite part of this post and overall my favourite part of any outfit the footwear. You will know by now that I absolutely love my sneakers but I am trying my best to get out of wearing them daily and mix up what footwear I wear to smarten up some of my outfits. So here are the footwear options I believe people should own for autumn...

White Sneakers 

You can't go wrong with a nice clean pair of white sneakers as they go with so many outfit combinations. Just make sure they are clean though as I have found the hard way you can have a gorgeous outfit on but dirty white sneakers draw away from that. I tend to have an all white pair and a pair of Nike Air Force, I have also added a pair with a bit of a design on the side into my collection so I always have a pair to reach for that goes with the outfit I am wearing that day. 

Vans & Converse 

I find that autumn is prime Converse & Vans wearing time for me as they go with so many outfits and can dress up the outfit a bit more than some white sneakers. I have the classic Converse and Vans Old Skools in the black and white colourway as I have found these are the easiest to style and I just get more wear out of them. I am determined to get a lot more wear out of these throughout autumn as they have been neglected since spring. 

Lace Up Boots 

I used to swear by a good pair of lace up boots when I was a bit younger but now I just can't seem to find a pair that fit me right and suit me. I have actually been tempted this time around to treat myself to a pair of Dr Martens but for now I am shopping around before investing so much into one pair. I think a nice pair of lace up boots just make an outfit that little bit different. 

Chelsea Boots

I love a good pair of Chelsea boots and this year my collection is definitely starting to grow as I am getting away from the suede ones and adding some leather look ones into my rotation so I can wear them a whole lot more. I think people should have at least a black and brown pair in their rotation as they are perfect for autumn outfit combinations. 

Thicker Socks

It is this time of year where the thicker socks come into play too rather than trainer socks 24/7. I like to have sports socks to hand for autumn especially white ones but I am also looking for some better quality ankle socks to go under boots now to ensure my feet are kept warm and my footwear choice doesn't rub me. 


When it comes to autumn I seem to really extend my wardrobe as I prefer to layer than just wear a t-shirt and jacket, it is also the time of year where I smarten myself up a bit so here are the tops I like to have on hand for the season where the weather really starts to change... 

Dark Plain T-shirts

I love layering up in autumn and I tend to wear my shirts unbuttoned so I wear dark t-shirts underneath for layering, I also wear plain t-shirts under hoodies etc so I like to have plenty in my wardrobe so I never run out. My go to ones for autumn are my black ones in regular fit and slim fit and grey ones in the same fits. 

Checked Shirts

There is no denying the fact that I absolutely love a good checked shirt, in fact my wardrobe is full of them and in the run up to every autumn I like to go out and restock my checked shirt collection. I love these for layering and some can give off a really smart look. My got colours are red & black or a nice tan colour but there is a colourway out there for everyone. I know that I will be wearing checked shirts a lot over the next few months. 

Smart Shirts

I tend to always have a stock of smarter shirts in my wardrobe for if I go out or want to wear one for the office. To be honest it is only in recent years that I have started adding these to my wardrobe and I am doing more so now I am losing weight but I think everyone should have a few smart shirts to hand as you never know when you are going to need them, something I have learnt the hard way.

Chunky Jumper 

 As the weather drops colder you just can't beat a good chunky jumper such as a cable knit one. In recent years I have become hooked on having a few chunky knit jumpers to hand as where I live in the UK it can drop really cold and these are perfect for keeping you nice and warm and cosy. You can't beat a nice grey one but there are plenty of colours out there & thicknesses to suit everyone's style. 

Thin Jumper 

Sometimes, granted not very often, it is cold enough to wear a jumper but not cold enough to wear a thick jumper so I like to have a nice stock of thinner jumpers. These are great for layering and look great with shirts underneath so are nice and versatile. They are also really reasonably priced so if you aren't sure on them you can pick one up cheap to try out. I like to have a few colours of these as I wear them for work. 

Long Sleeved Polo Shirt 

This is a new addition for me and one I grew to love towards the end of last year. I have now got a few long sleeved polo shirts with 1/4 zips that I love to wear for work. To me they just look really smart and are a nice cold weather option rather than a short sleeved polo shirt which is grew to love in the spring & summer. They do these in all sorts of materials and they can be surprisingly comfortable. 


As we enter autumn I definitely tend to experiment with what I wear on the bottom half more than I do in spring/summer as I try to really smarten up my look whilst also trying to keep myself nice and warm. So here are the bottoms I tend to have to hand for the season... 


I love to have a variety of jeans in my wardrobe and for autumn I tend to opt for none ripped ones in either a skinny or slim leg style just as I feel that these look much smarter and keep my legs that bit warmer. I also opt for darker coloured jeans in the autumn just to fit with the rest of my wardrobe, I always like to have the colours black, dark grey and dark denim to hand so creating outfits in autumn. 


I always have a few pairs of sweatpants to hand for the autumn especially for those days/evenings at the football. Sweatpants are just for a more dressed down look that also keeps me comfy for those cold games in the stands but they are also great for lounging around in at home too as I can lounge playing games or watching TV in them and be really comfortable.

Checked Pants

If you have read the blog fora while you will know that checked pants are an item of clothing I am reaching for a lot more recently and honestly they are taking over my wardrobe with the amount of pairs I now have. I have some in different shades of black and grey and love dressing them up or down. I can see me living in them this autumn especially with some nice Chelsea boots or lace up boots. 

Smart Trousers

I always like to make sure that I have a few pairs of smart trousers in my wardrobe as you never know when you are going to need them. I have a plain black pair at the moment which are for dressing up a bit smarter with a nice shirt but I also have a pair of black ones with brown paneling which are smart but also look a bit more casual too. These will be fantastic for the office or any more formal events over the autumn period. 


The biggest essential for me in the autumn is a really good jacket, I have been caught out so many times lately with coats that haven't actually been waterproof and not having a jacket that goes with different outfits that are a bit smarter. that is why this year I am investing more into my jackets and actually finding some more suitable ones for a change. So here are the jackets that are essential for autumn in my opinion...


One of my go to jackets is a windbreaker as it is nice and lightweight plus you can easily throw it into your backpack if it does warm up a bit. Granted as I have found out these aren't good if you are going to be caught in a downpour as they won't keep you dry. I tend to wear these with more casual outfits as it is definitely a more casual type of jacket especially as I tend to buy ones from sports brands as I have found they are the best type of windbreaker. 


I don't think I have owned a gilet since I was a teenager however, for some reason this year I am very tempted to pick a new one up. We are wanting to go walking a bit more so I think this would be a great layer for those Sunday works and I think it could fit my new style I am aiming for quite well which is great. There are so many gilets out there at the moment which is fantastic as there really is something for everyone. 

Smart Coat 

This is the area I am really going to be investing in this year as they are going to suit my style much better than the items I already own plus there are some great options out there. I love a good standard length smart black coat as this goes so well with my checked pants. However, this year I am stepping out of my comfort zone that little bit more and am looking at investing in a nice long brown coat and a nice long grey coat just to give me a few more jacket options for those smarter days. 


Growing up I used to love wearing a good blazer with a nice shirt underneath it and this year I am going to be going back to that so I am investing in some nice blazers. You can't go wrong with a nice black blazer as it looks really smart and can go with a variety of clothing options. I am also looking at adding a nice grey one and a checked one just to provide me with more options and create some great outfits. 

Waterproof Jacket 

An area I am desperately trying to invest in and where everyone should look at investing is a waterproof jacket. As I said earlier my jackets often have let me down and haven't kept me dry that is why this year I am planning on making sure I have at least two options for a waterproof jacket. One of my go to brands for a jacket like this is Superdry and luckily my old Superdry jacket now fits me again so for some looks this is what I will be reaching for. I am also wanting to invest in a nice North Face jacket, my sister has had one for a while and I love how nice it looks so maybe it is time to treat myself. 

I am really pleased with how my autumn wardrobe is looking at the moment and I just need a few more bits from this list to add to it and then I will be completely happy with how my wardrobe is looking for the months ahead. Lets hope I can find some of the missing items soon as I really can't wait to start putting items together to create my perfect outfits. What are some of your go to items for autumn, is there anything I missed off the list? 

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