Celebrating My 27th Birthday

Normally as my birthday rolls around I don't really bother and on the day me and Liam will just go shopping and have a takeaway and then on the weekend we will have a get together with my family however, this year we changed it up a bit and we ended up making a bit more of an effort for the celebrations now the pandemic restrictions are easing and I feel more confident going out. Rather than heading to our local town we went out a bit further and when it came to getting together with the family we made a bit more of an effort. So here is how we celebrated my 27th birthday...

As part of my birthday present my parents booked for us to go to Manchester for the night which was fantastic as we hadn't been since the end of 2019 yet it is one of our favourite places to and we often go multiple times a year. This also meant that our shopping was done in Manchester where they have much better shops than in Bradford and it made a nice change. They paid for us an early checking so we literally got off the train, checked in, dropped our bags off and then headed out shopping. I actually had a list of things I wanted to purchase in Manchester as they have Classic Football Shirts and Forbidden Planet however, nowhere had anything I wanted so I ended up just getting a few Spider Man bits. As we had finished shopping pretty early on we ended up heading to Brewdog and Revolution De Cuba for a couple of drinks before heading to get changed for an evening out. 

One of the main things I was looking forward to in Manchester was heading to Hard Rock Cafe as it is one of my favourite places to eat but is a bit of a treat too. Obviously I had to kick start the meal with their Hurricane cocktail which was absolutely gorgeous and went down a treat. 

Me and Liam then shared a portion of nachos as the diet was well and truly out of the window on this day. It is funny as previously we would have got a starter each but this time around it was actually nice to share it as we got just the right amount each. I need to go back for more sometime soon though. 

For the mains we ended up both getting the bacon cheese burger with bacon and cheese fries which again went down a treat and I would happily go back and get this again ASAP. I think they are running a little bit of a limited menu at the moment however, there was something on it for every one. Once we were done in Hard Rock Cafe we moved on to a few other bars in the Print Works before heading up to the Northern Quarter where there was one place in particular I wanted to check out.

A lot of people had said if we were off to Manchester we needed to check out NQ64 which is an arcade bar and I am so glad we did, we spent quite a while in here playing on various games and had a great time. There are plenty of games to be played that all required tokens so we got stocked up as you got a tub of them for £7 and it was just enough to play what we wanted to. Once we were done in NQ64 we went to McDonald's for a burger to soak up the alcohol a bit and we then went to the hotel room so I wasn't carrying my Hard Rock glass around with me all evening. 

Once the bag had been dropped off we headed back out for a little bit longer and to be honest at this point we didn't really know where we was going but we ended up in the other NQ64 bar on Peter Street which again had a great selection of games and a bit more on the drinks menu, I ended up with a cocktail in here and we played quite a few more games before heading back and calling it a night. On the Friday morning we ended up heading to Wetherspoon's for a breakfast before one last look around the shops then getting the train home. 

On Saturday we had family round to celebrate my birthday so we actually got a cleaner to come in and give the house a deep clean due to us having some work done the week before. I am so glad we did this as it just took a bit more pressure off of us and meant it was properly cleaned. On Saturday once my hair was cut I spent my morning getting ready and decorating the house ready for everyone arriving. I definitely went a bit overboard with the decorations but it looked great. 

I even paid for a cake and some cheesecakes making just to make it that little bit more special and WOW I am glad I did as they were absolutely gorgeous and worth every penny. Granted they were a bit on the expensive side however, for the quality it was certainly worth it and everyone else seemed to enjoy them too. 

I also tried my best to make a bit of an antipasti board after being inspired by a few of them on Instagram and I am quite proud of how it turned out, after seeing how it looked I think I am going to make a few more of these for just me and Liam when we are in the house watching films as I think it is just  nice snacking option. 

It it safe to say this birthday was absolutely fantastic and I enjoyed every second of the celebrations. It has also taught me and Liam that we need to do a whole lot more things like this together even if it is a case of going for a meal together every now and again it has opened our eyes to how we should be doing things in the future and we are now talking about maybe heading out once a month for at least a meal, fingers crossed this is something we can stick to. 

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