A Tommy Hilfiger Bargain

On a recent trip to the York Designer outlet I called into the Tommy Hilfiger outlet store just for a quick browse as I wanted to give the brand a go. Fortunately they had a bit of a sale on going and I could easily have spent a fortune. This t-shirt was marked up at £15 however, scanned through at just £9 so you really can't go wrong with a designer t-shirt at that price. 

The t-shirt is a regular fit and has a nice feel to it, the neck doesn't scoop too low and the length is perfect as it isn't too short like some t-shirts I have owned in the past. The sleeves aren't too tight either as they actually have a nicer fit than most designer t-shirts I have owned. 

This t-shirt is going to be perfect for me in the late spring/summer as it will fit a lot better as I start to lose more weight (it does fit now but it is a little tight). I can see this becoming a bit of a go to t-shirt with its nice simple design of grey with a bold red and slight blue Tommy sign across the chest. Team this up with my light denim jackets, some chinos or possibly even some cargo pants I have recently purchased. Finish this look off with some nice white converse and it is good to go.

It is a pretty versatile t-shirt too as for the it is really easy to style due to its simplicity. I love this t-shirt with my Mennace jacket, black skinnies and mid courts. The colours just make it so much easier to style as they are subtle. I know that I will now definitely be keeping my eyes out for more Tommy Hilfiger items.

Have you tried the Tommy Hilfiger brand before?

See you soon

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