The Forgotten Sneakers That Are Still Going Strong

Have you ever had those trainers (sneakers) that have been part of  your collection forever but they tend to get forgotten about? Well that was the case for me and these gems.

My grandparents actually got me these Nike Blazers for my 17th back in 2012 so they have been in my collection now for almost 8 years which for a pair of sneakers is absolutely fantastic in my eyes especially as when I originally got these they were never off my feet. There are a few scuffs on them but overall they are in pretty good condition.

One part of these sneakers I really love is the exposed sponge on the top of the tongue, it just adds something to the sneakers that others don't have for me it is those simple details that make them stand out for me. Comfort is key for these too as with some mid rise sneakers they rub my achilles but these I have never had an issue with as they are nice and soft not rock solid like past pairs. The lacing system is nice and simple too and unlike some pairs in the past there is the right amount of lace, not a load left over leaving bigger loops which is fantastic for me as I had having my laces on show or taking up most of the shoes silhouette. 

These sneakers a possibly some of the easiest for me to style too even though they are a bright red and white colour way the colours work well together and I have found over the years they go well with my black skinnies and a black t-shirt as they add a pop of colour. They also work well with lighter jeans in the warmer weather & even my chinos, when I remember to turn the bottoms of them up so they sit above the sneakers. I think as the weather starts to improve & we can leave the house again I might have to try these out with a pair of denim shorts to see how they look. It is about time I started to experiment a bit more with my sneaker & clothing combinations.

There are a few creases on the backs where I have taken these on and off but nothing major, I found sometimes these were hard to get on and off without having to loosen the laces before & after every wear but it is just something I got used to. There is also a bit of discoloration to the back of these sneakers but I can't tell if that is just from wear or dirt so maybe a good clean is in order to see if I can freshen them back up, if not I think it gives them a definitely vintage look. 

To me these trainers are absolute classics and I will try keep hold of these for as long as possible and take good are of them but recently Nike re-released the Blazer Mid '77 QS sneakers which you can find in JD Sports so I am very tempted to add a pair of these to my collection to see if they last as long too.

These are definitely a pair of sneakers that I will never stop loving. What are your thoughts on the Nike Blazers?

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