Getting My Wear Out Of The Rivici Keron T-shirt

Remember when I spoke about buying a Rivici t-shirt last year? Well I have finally got around to doing this post all about the Rivici Keron t-shirt. I only heard of the brand thanks to Bradford City signing Ben Richards-Everton who owns the brand plus them being available to buy from Footasylum. It was on a trip to Leeds when I first saw the items in store and honestly it was a really hard decision on what to pick up and what to try another time. The fact that they had plenty of XL's in stock didn't help too as I am used to going in and only having a few options to choose from, but not this time as they had everything. In the end I opted for the Keron t-shirt priced at £29.99.

The t-shirt is nice and simple as it only has a few colours on it, you have the black and white but then just a tiny little bit of red. Even with the simple colours though it stands out thanks to the white panel going across the chest with the Rivici logo going across but this doesn't stop there it also goes across onto the left sleeve which is white with part of the lettering across it. With most t-shirts like this you would expect the logo to be a transfer but with Rivici it is embroidered so it is going to last a lot longer. This has been through the wash plenty of times already and the shape has stayed as it was when I bought it which just goes to show quality the material it is that the t-shirt is made out of. The neck of the t-shirt is brilliant too as it is a stronger material but stays with the t-shirts colour theme. I love necks like this as I find that with t-shirts I have had in the past the neck is one of the first parts of the t-shirt to go but with the stronger material it should last much longer.

The thing that made me pick this t-shirt over anything else has to be the small details. I absolutely love how on either side of the t-shirt there are zips, for me this just adds that extra detail to make the t-shirt stand out more. You can have these zips fully shut or fully open, or even different on each side. I have found when I wear it I usually have them half done on either side as it just opens up the bottom of the t-shirt a bit more. Sometimes it is just those little details that make an outfit look a lot better. 

The only other bit of detail on this t-shirt is where the only bit of red is, this is across the stitched on brand moto patch. This just adds more of the brands personality to the t-shirt and I love what it says as it is a bit of an inspirational message. Seeing a brands personality added onto their items just makes the t-shirt a lot better as you can see what goes into the brand and a little more insight into them. This is only small patch too so it isn't in your face.

So how am I styling it? Well this is perfect with my new black and white coat which was an absolute bargain after Christmas as it was just £10.00. Pair it with some ripped jeans or just some simple black jeans and some white trainers and you have the perfect look as it all just flows together nicely. This is perfect for an everyday look   

I also did a wish list post for the brand back last year which you can have a read of here, and fingers crossed I can pick up some of these items as they are currently reduced on the Rivici website. How would you style this t-shirt? 

Now I just need to head onto the site or go to my nearest Footasylum to pick up a few more pieces. 

See you soon

What I am wearing in the post:
Rivici T-shirt - Rivici / Footasylum
Jeans - Primark
Trainers - Primark

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