Weekly Round Up 2020 #7

The storms have really helped me out quite a bit, I seem to be getting more done and actually just seem to have more hours in the day. So here is how my week went...

The storm was still going on Monday and it was still driving me mad. After work we headed to Tesco to try pick up some nice healthy food (I think about half worked out health) then it was home for Liam to make my favourite Chili. Whilst we ate we actually sat and watched another episode of The Witcher, it was nice just sitting and watching something together for a change. 

We woke up to it snowing on Tuesday morning which wasn't convenient as we were due to go watch the football that night. Luckily during the day the weather kept easing off so the game went ahead. I don't know if we were committed or just plain stupid but we went and it was freezing, it even started snowing whilst we was there. It definitely took a while to warm up once I got home.

Wednesday was a nice chilled night once I got home from work it was a case of just going and sitting at my PC watching YouTube, I am trying to get out of the old habit of coming home from work and getting into bed watching YouTube on my laptop. Instead I now just sit at my PC and it is doing me so much good as I no longer want to go to sleep at 8pm.  

Thursday after work Liam announced he needed petrol so he picked me up, we went to the petrol station and then headed for a McDonald's. I tried their sticky and sweet chicken burger and it was actually really nice. We took our food home to eat so we sat down to eat whilst watching the Liverpool women vs Arsenal women game on TV. 

Ah Valentines day, me and Liam have never celebrated it so it was just a typical Friday for us. I went to see the nephew for an hour after work and then went for my hair cutting. I have now decided I am going to try grow the top out so it is actually getting pretty long. Then it was back home to watch plenty of YouTube. 

Saturday was a day spent inside hiding from the storm which really benefited us. We got the kitchen cleaned and finally got the games room back to how it should be, I can finally get on the consoles & sit on the sofa bed. It was great managing to get some gaming time in so thank you storm Dennis. 

Again thank you storm Dennis, these storms are really helping me in terms of my productivity. Sunday was a day sat at my desk getting plenty of blogging done for all 3 of my blogs. My to do lists have been absolutely powered through and content is ready to go. I even managed to jump on the Xbox for a bit too.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching:  Me and Liam watched another episode of The Witcher which I am loving. I also watched plenty of YouTube during the week.

Reading: I finally finished my Hope Solo book, it really was a great read (I will be doing a review on Edge of the Area soon) , now I just need to find my next book to read. 

Listening to: JLS announced their comeback so guess what... they ended up on repeat with a bit of Tegan and Sara thrown into the mix. 

This week I want to carry on getting the house back to how it was before we started the bathroom and spare room work, it is slowly getting there. I am also hoping that the weather improves so that I can get out and get some content shot for future blog posts as I have some ideas in mind. Fingers crossed we can get to the gym too. 

See you soon

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