Weekly Round Up 2020 #6

It has definitely been a mixed week, the weather has been all over the place, we had a day off & we have had some productive nights. It is great getting the most out of our nights instead of doing nothing. So here is how the week went...

Me and Liam both had the day off on Monday seen as it was the Super Bowl on Sunday. It wasn't a day of relaxing though as we had the carpet fitter round nice and early to finally get the carpet in the spare room. Once he had gone it was a case of building the furniture and moving things into the room. It is coming together so well and I can't wait for it to be fully completed.

Back to work, woke up to snow but still ended up at the grandparents after work. It was great going to theirs as I felt like I hadn't been for a while. Once I had done at theirs it was back home to just relax and get back to the PC because I can finally get back to my desk now.  

On Wednesday after work I ended up dragging Liam to Jysk for us to get a chair for dressing room and we found a great one. Once we had finished at Jysk we headed off to Tesco to do our food shop since we didn't go on Monday. 

After work Thursday it was a trip to Frankie & Benny's to celebrate my sisters birthday. It was a brilliant meal and my nephew definitely kept us entertained, he really is a little character. By the time we got home I just felt like relaxing so I got into bed and watched some YouTube on the laptop. 

An nice early finish from work meant I got to do my usual of going and spending an hour with my nephew before my sister went cheerleading, again he was on top form and provided plenty of laughs even if he did steal my food. Then it was home for a little tidy up.

Liam was working Saturday so I spent the morning catching up with Hollyoaks and getting some blogging done. Then it was a trip to the football which was possibly one of the better games I have seen this season. Once we got home I ended up spending some more time on my PC before reading a bit more of my book. 

The storm had fully hit so we didn't move out of the house. Instead I was sat in front of my PC all day getting blog things done for a change, it is so good having a clear inbox for once and content planned out.  It was great just having a nice productive day in and I have actually got plenty of things planned out for a change.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching:  I finally got caught back up on Hollyoaks but I have watched a lot of YouTube but more specifically Alex Costa.  

Reading: I finally managed to get 2 more chapters of my Hope Solo book done. 

Listening to: For some reason I fell down the Jonas Brothers rabbit hole, my Spotify has been filled with them.

This week I want to finish off the last few bits in the spare room, I really need to find a blind for the window. I also want to continue working on bits for this blog and get some images for future posts. I also want to try get some bits done for the Edge of the Area blog as we have a trip to Scotland planned where we will be heading to a football event, I would love some bits to take up their with us with the blogs logo and details on. It is time to get more organised instead of leaving things until the last minute.

See you soon

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