What's In My Alex Drawers

Finally the spare room is so close to being complete. Our recent day off saw us staying in building furniture & moving things back into the room. This room is going to be for if guests come to stay but on a day to day basis it is going to be a space for me to get ready, whether I am going to work, shopping or an event I will be spending plenty of time in here making sure my outfit is looking good and my hair is just how like it.

One thing I really wanted to put in here was a set of Alex drawers so I could keep everything in one place together. Plus I just love how they look as they are slim yet tall so you get plenty of storage space without having to take up too much space in your room. They have only been in 1 day and I love them already. I can just go to the drawer pull out my hair styling bits then put them back away straight away. No more moving things from room to room or leaving items laying around, everything has a home now.  So here is what is in my Alex drawers currently...

Technically not in the drawers but on top of them I have one of my favourite candles, it is from the Yankee Candle Barbershop collection and is the hair tonic scent. It literally smells like when you walk into the hairdressers/barbers for your hair doing. I wish I got stocked up on the collection when I first fell in love with it as I cant find it anymore. 

Alongside this we have my watch box, I got this last year and it has made life so much easier already. No more just leaving my watches on the side and forgetting where I put them, I have a home for them now. But it has made me realise I need to pick up a few more to fill the box out a bit. My go to watch at the moment is the Apple Watch but its great to have these options for if I want something a bit more traditional and smarter. Under the watches is a little drawer where I keep my everyday & smarter jewellery, like my necklace and earrings. Maybe now I will remember to actually put the jewellery on & not leave the house without it.

The first drawer is possibly the most important one for me, as it is where all my hair styling products are kept. These are the items I reach for daily so to have them all in one place is fantastic. Now I can just pull out the drawer and decide which product & brush I want to opt for each morning. I have even used the very back of the drawer to store any back up items I have. As you can see at the moment I am loving the VO5 items and the fluff tamer they do possibly one of the best products they do.

In the 2nd drawer we have all my makeup which when Liam saw he just laughed. I don't often wear makeup, in fact I probably only use it when I am going to a family party and can actually be bothered to put it on. Half of this had actually gone missing too so I had to go on the search for it. In the past few months my skin has broke out and doesn't really look in as good of a condition as it used to, so having this in here who knows I may be able to add a concealer each day just to cover up some of the problem areas a bit.

Next up we have a bit of an empty drawer but I am hoping to add a few more bits to this in the future. I am using this as a clothing accessories drawer. I may move some belts into here and I have my eye on a few bits on Amazon. But as for now it is just a space for me to put my clothing roller, it just means I can reach in the drawer make sure any excess fluff/hair is taken off my clothing before heading out of the door.

That is it for the smaller drawers but in one of the bigger ones I have managed to put all of my electrical hair accessories. It is actually a rare occurrence if I use these lately as with my hair being so short I just rub it with a towel & it's air dried within 10 minutes however, if I am going somewhere special or just want to put a bit more effort in I will use my Lee Stafford hairdryer. There is a pair of GHD's & some travel straighteners in here just in case too.

In the final drawer I have put in some of my spare candles just so they are all in one space together. I always buy a load of candles as I like the smell of them but then forget to burn them. Maybe if I have one out in this room & in other rooms around the house, I will remember to light them and this drawer will soon be emptied, although as soon as it is emptied I can see a trip to TK Maxx/Homesense to get some of the more masculine scents I enjoy the most. 

I have 4 spare drawers at the moment so I am thinking of filling one with my blogging essentials such as notebooks & computer accessories just to free up a little bit of space in my desk drawers. For £99 these are a little expensive for a set of drawers but as I said earlier they are really going to help speed up the getting ready process in a morning.

What do you keep in your Alex Drawers?

See you soon

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