My Favourite Instagram Fashion Accounts

Instagram is an app that over the years I have fallen in and out of love with however, over the past few months I have been loving it more and more. In fact it is now one of the first apps I check in a morning and the last one I check on a night, whether it is scrolling through my feed, uploading to my own grid or watching others stories from other accounts I have even started uploading to my own stories as much as I can lately. As I say I am enjoying the app even more and I have come across some great accounts which post a variety of content. I find myself watching all the stories these accounts post and check the account's grids to make sure I aren't missing out on any new posts (Instagram please stop hiding posts).  So here are my favourite Instagram fashion accounts...

Kitty's account is one of my favourites by far. Not only does she have great style she also posts plenty of sneakers (trainers) so it is perfect for me. Her stories are great too as you could get anything whether it is fashion, food or an event she is at that day. That is only one of the best parts about Kitty's account though as she also engages with those that follow her. If you comment you get a response, even if you respond to a story you get a response, with so many other accounts over 10K you can often feel ignored, but not with this account. If you like sneakers & fashion this is definitely the account for you.

Jess is a Yorkshire blogger & YouTuber who has an absolutely fantastic Instagram account, so what is not to love about it. Her style is definitely a lot different to anything I would ever wear but I think that is a reason why I love her account so much, it is different to anything else I follow, that means her uploads stand out on my feed to and stop me scrolling straight past. Jess is another who interact too whether it is by a comment or a message response. This is another account where I watch all the stories, some of my favourites have to be when Jess has been to a concert as she has great taste in music. 

On to the men's fashion now and first up we have Iwan aka Mr Carrington. Iwan's account is one I have followed for a long time and has been a favourite for just as long. His style is absolutely fantastic and unlike some Instagram accounts the clothing he tags is actually affordable as he wears the likes of Primark, Burton & Zara. Iwan has actually influenced quite a few items I have picked up in the past and gives me a bit of inspiration for when I go shopping. His stories can be brilliant and I watch them daily. Not only does Iwan have a brilliant Instagram but he also has a fantastic YouTube where I watch plenty of his videos.  

Joel is another account I follow on both Instagram & YouTube. His style is definitely out there but works so well. I especially love his streetwear style outfits I just wish I had the confidence to pull off some of my favourite looks of his. Joel's style can definitely be a bit more on the expensive side at times but it is great to see those options on my feed at times plus it isn't always expensive items, there can be a nice mixture.  

Jack's account is one I believe I came across last year & it instantly became a favourite. He is a fashion and lifestyle account and his style is brilliant. It really gives you inspiration for those casual days where you just want to make a little more effort and look a lot smarter. Again the account is one that features affordable clothing too so there is something for everyone. I know I always end up looking at the tags & often head over to those accounts to see if there is anything else that catches my eye. His shots are brilliant too and always look so good, it makes me actually want to go out and take some pictures for my own blog & Instagram, I just end up backing out. 

Luke is an account I discovered thanks to Iwan (mrcarrington) they are also heading out to shoot content together and filming YouTube videos. Luke's Instagram is a favourite as again the outfits he posts are definitely affordable and stylish. With him working with brands such as River Island & Primark some of the items he posts are really easy to find on the high street so you can pick up the items yourself. Not only does he do fashion posts though he also has food, lifestyle & interiors on his account. His recent bedroom makeover looks fantastic. An added bonus for Luke's Insta is all the Luke & Zara content you get on stories, him & his flatmate are absolutely brilliant together.

Another Jack on the list and another fantastic account. Jack recently moved to Norway and his content to me seems to have got even better. The Norwegian backdrops just add something different to his account and I love it. the account is full of fashion, lifestyle and the added bonus of fitness posts, so there is something for everyone. Jack's style is nice and casual too and you can get some great brand recommendations just by scrolling down his feed.

If you don't already follow me on Instagram you can head over and see my account here. If you are looking for new accounts to follow I would definitely recommend give all the accounts above a follow as they all post something different due to their different styles so you will have plenty of variety on your feed.

See you soon

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