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I used to absolutely love reading, I could get through a book so easily and would often take numerous books on holiday with me. But when I left school my reading massively declined as I spent more time on YouTube or playing games. I still buy books though, in fact I probably buy far too many for what I actually get through and my to be read pile is forever growing. 

To try get me reading more I set up a Goodreads account and set myself a challenge at the start of the year. This year I want to read a grand total of 20 books, so far we are coming towards the end of February and I have read a great total of 1 so I need to get a move on and get reading more often. Here are 5 of the books I am hoping to finish as soon as possible...

Bill Clinton & Jame Patterson - The President Is Missing
I don't know what it is about this book but for ages I would walk past it in the supermarket or Waterstones and would be really tempted to buy it. Then one day Liam treated me to it and it has sat on my book shelf ever since. I haven't read a James Patterson book before but I have heard good things about them so lets hope I can really get into it.

Lilly Singh - How To Be A Bawse 
I have loved Lilly's YouTube videos for years now so I had to buy her book (even better it was a signed copy I got) but again I haven't got around to reading it just yet. The book features stories from Lilly's own life to help teach you how to get the best out of your life, I can definitely see me enjoying this one.

Sean Fay Wolfe - The Elementia Chronicles Book One : Quest For Justice
Anyone who knows me will know how much I like Minecraft, it is a game that I could very easily play for hours and hours. This book is an unofficial fan adventure series from the game so it should be perfect for me. I love watching people's Minecraft adventures on YouTube so I am sure I will love a book about it.

Rainbow Rowell - Fangirl 
This is a find that is down to the Zoella book club and again it has been on the bookshelf for such a long time. It does look like a great read it is just a case of getting around to reading it. I think this could be a book I absolutely power through if it is as good as people have said.

John Green - Looking for Alaska
I loved Fault in our stars, in fact I have watched the film far too many times and read the book once. When I was going through the John Green phase I bought so many of his books that have once again just sat on the bookshelf. I think it might be an aim this year to get through all the John Green books as they are such easy reads.

I am trying to create a new routine for bedtime where instead of laying in bed scrolling through Instagram for hours I will pick up my book and have a read instead. Let's hope that works out and I can now power on through my reading and enjoy it as much as I used to. 

See you soon,

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