I Want To Try : Asos 4505

With me getting back into the gym you are going to see a lot more fitness related posts on here, which will definitely mean more fitness clothing related posts. You have got to look good and confident in the gym or you aren't going to want to put full effort into your workout, you will be too worried about how you are looking instead.

So I want to create a little series of fitness clothing from specific brands that I want to try. Yes we all know the likes of Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and even Gymshark produce some great quality clothing & accessories but what about elsewhere? What other places do great quality fitness wear? In this series I will be focusing on specific brands/stores and making small wish lists of items I want to pick up, then once I tick off items on the list I will bring you full reviews of the clothing & accessories to hopefully bring places to your attention that you haven't seen or considered before. 

So first up we have the ASOS 4505 brand, now I hadn't heard of this before mainly as unbelievably I have never made an ASOS order before. Since hearing about this brand of work out clothing I have spent plenty of time working out what items I would love to pick up and let me tell you it was hard to narrow down what I wanted. So here is what I picked...

4505 icon training t-shirt in black with quick dry single £10.00 double pack £18.00

You can't beat a good quick dry t-shirt for the gym, I am loving my Gymshark ones at the moment but would love to add more options into my workout clothing drawer (yes I actually have one of those now). The 4505 icon training t-shirt is nice and simple with just the logo on the front but not too large, it is one of those you know it is there but it isn't too in your face. These 4505 t-shirts are also great in terms of pricing just £10 for a single t-shirt or £18 for a double pack which is made up of 2 different colours so you really can't go wrong.  

4505 icon training shorts double pack £24.00 single £14.00

To go with the t-shirts they do the icon training shorts. Similar to the t-shirt they are nice and simple with just a small logo on the bottom of the left leg. Shorts are something I really struggle with as I have short legs but from the image above they look like they could actually be a good length. As with the t-shirts you can get these in a double pack for £24 or singles for £14 which is again great value and even better if you get them to match your t-shirts.

Icon training t-shirt with quick dry green £10.00

Sometimes I really need to step out of my comfort zone, maybe this icon t-shirt in green might be a step towards doing that. I usually tend to pick out t-shirts that are black, grey, blue or red for the gym but I am loving how nice this green t-shirt looks. I think this is a definite pick up. Again at just £10 you can't go wrong it is definitely different to what I have seen from other brands.

Gym holdall black £18

One thing I need to start doing is getting ready at the gym before and after a work out, currently I will get ready before we go then go straight home after. Having a nice holdall like this 4505 one would be brilliant. I could store my gym clothes in there, my trainers, any accessories and toiletries plus when I got home I could have one place to store everything for my next session, no more hunting around worrying I had forgot something (like those gloves and my knee brace I always leave behind but I really need).

Icon training long sleeve t-shirt black £12.00

It is absolutely freezing where I live most of the year, so sometime when I head to the gym I will wear my t-shirt with my Under Armour 1/4 zip top over it. I think it is time I upgraded to a long sleeve for those colder days and what better way to do it than just at £12. This is just the longer version of the icon t-shirt so if one is great so should the other.

Trainer socks with anti bacterial finish 3 pack £8.00

Something that often gets over looked in terms to gym clothing is the socks and to be honest I think these are something you should focus on. You want to be comfortable when you work out, you want socks that are going to be thicker than your everyday socks but not where your feet are going to sweat too much. My current go to socks are Under Armour or Nike but I would love to try these.

So there you have it this is the first post in the I Want To Try series and it is all about the ASOS 4505 brand, I am hoping to place and order very soon so keep an eye out for future reviews. What brand or store would you like to see me take a look at next?

See you soon,

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