Starting A Workout Plan

As I have mentioned before this year I am determined more than ever to lose weight, I have already lost a bit thanks to just changing my diet. I started off 2020 being unwell so I haven't managed to get in the gym just yet but that is all about to change. I am hoping the I can now start going back to the gym 3 times a week on set days each week just to get a bit of a routine going to start out with.

 When I was going last year I would just go on the treadmill or the bike for a while then head home. I really wasn't doing anything to actually benefit me. So this time around I want to head to the gym on those set days with a bit of a plan in mind to make the most out of my time there and hopefully help on my weight loss journey. So here is what I am hoping to do...

Day 1
This will possibly be on a Tuesday night after my grandparents so this will possibly be a nice steady session due to me having a big roast dinner for tea. I will start this session on the treadmill and will possibly do 20 minutes on that. To give my arms a bit of a session I will probably jump on the rowing machine as I have found this really helps me work my knee too. After that I will jump on the bike, before finishing off on the treadmill for a cool down. This session will definitely be a cardio session.

Day 2
Day 2 will be later on in the week and will be similar to day 1 but if I can actually get on the stepper I will incorporate this into the routine to add a bit of variation into the day. I will definitely be upping the times on the bike and the rowing machine on this day too as I really want to start moving my knee so it doesn't cause me as many issues as it has been doing lately.

Day 3
This will be on a Sunday morning when the gym is a bit quieter, I found in the past that this is the best time for using the weight machines as it is so quiet there is no waiting around. This will be the day where I work on really strengthening my knee on the leg machines as well as doing my upper body whilst I can get on the machines, I would love to be able to do at least 3 pull ups by the end of this year but I better start slowly. 

I know this possibly isn't the best way to get the most out of the gym but I am slowly trying to build up my confidence to try new machines but I know that confidence wont come until I can trust my knee. I am hopefully going to do small home workouts on the days I don't go to the gym so I can work on my abs etc from the comfort of my own home.

What are your favourite machines at the gym?

See you soon

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