Weekly Round Up 2020 #8

Another week, another storm, which meant another week with the football cancelled. I guess it isn't all bad though as it meant another day spent getting stuff done. It has been quite a busy week and here is what I got up to...

Monday was meant to be our food shopping day, but at the last minute I was invited out for a curry with my family so that didn't happen. I ended up going for the curry then came home and just watched YouTube again. 

I was at my grandparents for tea which again was brilliant and then it was straight to the gym for me and Liam. It was packed but I managed to actually run on the treadmill for the first time in ages, so I am pretty proud of myself for that. 

  Wednesday we finally managed to get our food shop done, I even picked up a few plant based items up as I am starting to make some changes to my diet. 

Thursday was a nice chilled night, we had tea whilst watching the Man Utd game then I ended up just watching YouTube again, it was nice just having a night not doing anything.

Friday as soon as Liam got home from work we ended up going to the White Rose in Leeds, I really wanted to pick up some new jeans but unfortunately the ones I liked weren't in my size. It wasn't a wasted trip though as I managed to get my nephew another present for his birthday and we ended up having Pizza hut. 

Liam was working saturday morning so I headed to the seaside with my parents, sister and nephew. It was an absolutely fantastic day and nephew had me laughing so much he just gets better and better. On the way home we called into the York Designer Outlet where I managed pick up a couple of Tommy Hilfiger items which I am sure you will be seeing me style soon as I absolutely love the pieces. 

Thanks to the recent weather the football was once again called off. This meant a day at home for me to blog and watch the football.It was a brilliant day and once again I got plenty done so maybe these storms aren't too bad. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching:  Liam got me watching a bit of Line of Duty which is great and I want to watch more of it. I also watched plenty of football and YouTube too, I am really getting back into watching tech YouTubers.

Reading:  I have finally started my Minecraft book and it is great so far. 

Listening to: I am loving listening to Tegan and Sara again I just keep listening to them over and over again, plus I threw a bit of KSI in the mix too. 

This week I want to . 

See you soon

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