Kind of a Style Evolution

Over the years my style has definitely changed and for the most part it has changed for the better, lazy days in the summer are still usually spent in a football shirt, shorts and slides but for the most part it has improved. Over the years I have struggled as I have put a lot of weight on and have generally been unhappy with how I looked so I started to get lazy with what I was wearing, I would throw anything on, it wouldn't fit and it just wouldn't suit my body shape. But then I look back at pictures of when I was younger  & slimmer and I wonder who actually let me out of the house looking like I did. I have never been a girly girl which you will definitely see throughout this post but my style has definitely been questionable over the years.

This picture was taken on holiday in Norfolk in around 2008 when someone for some reason allowed me to buy a slingshot. But the better question is who let me go out in this. Flip flops for a start are something I avoid these days, I just could never find a pair that fit me comfortably now I only go for slides as they fit much better and even last longer. Then we have the board shorts that back then I was totally obsessed with, I had so many pairs of these but these purple checked ones seemed to be my favourites. Then we have the bright pink t-shirt with an urban print on it in multiple colours and a black baseball cap. I don't know what I was thinking when I was putting this outfit on that morning. 

2009 was my Uncles 40th birthday and just look what I turned up in, everyone else was really nicely dressed and looked really smart. I rocked up in a V-Neck Henley's jumper (I spent so much on that brand), a pair of baggy jeans and some Nike hi-tops. Back in 2009 I probably thought this was the coolest outfit I owned but looking back now I could really have made more of an effort like everyone else, don't get me wrong this outfit isn't terrible I could have just done better. 

Remember Voi Jeans? Well my wardrobe was absolutely full of it and this outfit was made up of a cream Voi cardigan, grey baggy Voi jeans and a backward purple snap-back. Again nothing went together at all and why did I ever think a cream cardigan was a good idea? As for the backwards snap-back the less said on that the better. I remember constantly wearing these jeans I really thought they were the best. 

Oh look the same holiday and that same snap-back but this time the right way around. This time paired up with some yellow sunglasses, a blue Adidas polo shirt and my favourite white and gold Adidas watch, I loved that thing. Now doubt I had those grey Voi jeans on too. So many colours once again why did none pick up on this? Clearly looking back I thought this was a great look when in reality what a chav I looked. Although I do still own that watch, I just need to get it working again.  

Clearly I was trying to go for the smart casual look with this one on a trip to see the 2012 Olympic gold post boxes. A smart Original Penguin shirt with a hoodie over the top, some black and white Nike trainers along with some jeans that clearly didn't fit me right. I even had the top button of the shirt fastened which I seemed to do quite often. 

That stupid snap-back again why did I keep hold of it for so long? I actually think I went to college like this which just makes it worse. Baggy jeans once again but this time once again with a green checked shirt with a hood on with a hoodie on over the top. Why did I need 2 hoods who knows, because I probably had a coat on too. 

By 2015 my style had slowly started to get better I had started wearing the skinny jeans by then and felt so much better in them, but I also started layering kind of better. I was definitely going through a band t-shirt phase too and I definitely think this is one of my better outfits. 

Another 2015 image where I am layering and this time it is a band t-shirt and a denim shirt. I definitely started getting into the denim through that year and I had a couple in my wardrobe all in different styles. I was definitely trying to smarten myself up a bit and it has only really gone up since that year. 

I still need to work on my summer wear though as you can see when I went to Disney a few years ago, bright pink shorts and a black band t-shirt not again thank you, I need a plain t-shirt with these shorts. Summer is a time I really struggle with as I just can't find any shorts that fit and suit me but this year I am determined to get something that I really like and am comfortable in for a change. I aren't going to to be living in football shorts this year. 

I now also often find myself looking for up coming brands and even the street-wear style ones. I try to purchase items that will go with things I already own instead of buying something then having to buy even more just to create an outfit. Primark is always going to be a shop I am drawn to but it is time to only buy if it fits the look I am trying to go for. 

Looking to the future I am now learning how to style pieces together and make them work from clothing to accessories and even footwear. Hopefully as I grow older and start experimenting with my style more I am hoping I can finally find my perfect style. Keep an eye on the blog to see how my style starts to really become my own.

See you soon

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