Don't Just Look Good, Smell Good Too

There is no point looking good unless you smell good to match. That is something I have that I have always told myself and comes into play everyday when I am getting ready. Whether I am just nipping out for a few hours to see family or go shopping, if I am off to a party or a night out or even if I am just sat in the office I want to smell good. It just gives me added confidence, I may not like how an outfit looks on my due to my body size but if I smell good then a little bit of that worry will go away.

My collection of perfumes was huge at one point but then I realised I was only reaching the same ones over and over so had a bit of a declutter. Now I try limit myself to what I buy or just ask for a new bottle on special occasions like Christmas or Birthday's. I would like to pick up a few more higher end scents though as having more of a going out option would be great but for now here are the scents I own...

For Christmas this year my auntie and uncle got me a Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume pencil, I hadn't even heard of perfume pencils before but this scent is gorgeous, I had a bottle years ago and I now know this is going to go in my bad some days for a quick top up. 
They also got me the Shawn Mendes signature scent, which is perfect for me as it is unisex, this means it isn't too feminine and certainly not too masculine. This is a scent that is going to be used for everyday as it isn't too overpowering for being sat in an office all day.   

Another 2 I have received from my auntie and uncle are the Victoria Secret Dream fragrance mist & the Power Legend Intence. To be honest I am hit and miss with the Victoria Secret one as sometimes I aren't a fan off mists and it smells too feminine for me but other times I love it.

Currently my everyday scent is the Power Legend Intence as it just smells so nice & definitely isn't too overpowering. I feel confident when I wear this too so that is a plus. I actually like this one so much that I have a back up bottle ready for when this runs out.

Next up we have two surprising new additions and as you can see from the image above they were absolute bargain. These came from the men's department in Primark and are absolutely fantastic. When I first purchased them I didn't have much hope due to the price tag but I definitely recommend picking these up. Surety is a great scent of Cedarwood & Amber, it definitely has a kick to it & Courage is Bergamot & Vanille which smells stunning. I have two more of the Courage bottles as back ups as I like it that much. Plus at £2 they are handy just to throw in your back for everyday as well as being the perfect size for travelling. 

Now this Zara fragrance smells like just like Creed Aventus which is why my auntie picked it up for me as I had said I loved the smell not the price tag. To be honest I didn't even realise Zara did fragrances like this but I am really pleased with this one and would love to try out a few more. I have to admit too it does smell a lot like the Creed fragrance. With it only being a small bottle too I can take this all over with me so even better. 

I got CK One for Christmas from my parents and I forgot just how much I loved the smell of this, you really can't beat a Calvin Klein fragrance, majority of them can be classed as unisex and the smell lasts quite a long time too. I haven't actually had a Calvin Klein fragrance since my CK2 ran out so this is a very welcomed addition to the collection. Now I just need to head to the Fragrance shop and try get my hands on CK Everyone and actually find my favourite CK2 again, anyone know where I can get this? 

The Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau De Toilette is hands down at the moment. Liam purchased this for me as a treat and I have loved it ever since. Due to the price of this I reserve it for special occasions such as parties, rare theatre trips or the rare occasions we have events to head to. I always get asked what I am wearing when I have this on so it must be doing its job. Unfortunately though I am running low on this so I may have to repurchase it very soon or maybe even try another Tom Ford scent. 

Do you want more in-depth reviews of any of these scents or are there any scents you think I should pick up? Let me know. There are definitely going to be more fragrance posts coming up soon on this blog so keep your eyes out for them. 

See you soon 


  1. There are some great sounding scents here at reasonable prices. Perfumes Tec all smell very different on me and never last. For that reason I hate to spend a lot. I spend a lot on my husband but they smell lovely on him. He keeps telling me to try masculine fragrances. Im going to investigate some of tgese