Weekly Round Up 2020 #5

Another mixture of the week but I am finally feeling human again, I think I am finally over being ill so let's see if I can stay like this for a while, not just 2 days like last time. A lot has happened in the last 7 days so here is what I have been up too...

Another day at work followed by doing the food shop, it has been great actually getting back into a routine on a Monday as it means we set ourselves up for the week nicely, we head to Tesco & get things for the full week ahead. We set out what meals we want eat night and stick to it. It's also helping me out so much with money too as it means less takeaways and no buying lunch. 

Another week without going to the grandparents, this time though I missed it thanks to the football and to be honest I really wish I went to see them instead. It was cold the game didn't go in our favour and to be honest the club is in one of those stages where you actually dread going to games as you know it's going to go the same way it always does. 

I think Wednesday was one of my favourites thanks to n after work trip to Ikea. We finally have the furniture for the spare room, it has taken a while but I have now finally got everything I want for in the spare room (well minus the chair, I am still on the hunt for that) you will be seeing what I picked up very soon. 

Thursday was another day where we weren't in after work as we headed to our local shopping centre to pick up some birthday presents. Liam treated me to a few bits whilst we were there too along with getting us Frankie & Benny's. When we got home though we found the strong winds had blown a tile off our roof and just missed my car.

Friday was a quieter night after work I just relaxed and got caught up on my YouTube as well as having a bit of an early night to prepare myself for the weekend ahead.

My dad was back round at ours to finish off the decorating ready for the carpet going down on Monday so I went out with my mum, sister and nephew again just so I was out of the way. It was great spending time with them, then it was home to quickly get ready before going on a night out for Liam's brothers 18th birthday. It was a brilliant night out but I have now realised I am too old for the nightclubs, they just aren't for me.

Luckily I woke up with no hangover as Sunday was a busy day, first up we needed to call to Tesco for our Super Bowl snacks, then it was time to go see Bradford City women play. It was a pretty game and I already can't wait for the next one. Then it was back home to do some blogging & sort my images out from today's game along with waiting for my new camera bag to arrive. It actually turned out to be a really productive day for a change. Then it was on to the main event the Super Bowl, me and Liam always stay up to watch the game (or at least I try to) then we always have the Monday off work. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: YouTube & Hollyoaks are the only things I have actually been watching. 

Reading: I seem to have really dropped off with my reading again but I will be picking my book up again very soon.

Listening to:  I am absolutely in love with Halsey's new album so once again it has been on repeat.

This week I want to get the spare room finished as much as we can, fingers crossed that after Monday all we will need to do is plumb the radiator, sort a light fitting and sort the stair head out. I can't wait to go in there with everything in and just get ready as well as just having another room to relax in. It is my sisters birthday this week too so we are all heading out for a family meal and I can't wait. Other than that I think it is going to be a week of playing games, blogging and just relaxing.

See you soon

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