Fitness Update For January 2020

January was a totally fresh start for me, I was determined to start the year with a positive mindset & the mindset that I was going to lose weight this year. Last year was meant to be the year I lost it and really got into the routine but it just never really took off. I knew something had to chance at the beginning of this year if I finally wanted to make a change and find get that body I want.

So to do this on a trip to town with my mum I ended up picking up a weight loss chart which is now pride of place on the side of the fridge and guess what this motivation seems to be working so far as I look forward to sticking another star each week or just working towards gaining that star.

I don't weigh myself as much as I did last year just once a week but if I am feeling a bit off track I will do a midweek weigh in just to see how things are going and if I need to make any changes. This is a lot better than when I would constantly want to weigh myself as it means if I haven't weighed myself during that week seeing the scales go down is a great surprise.

Unfortunately thanks to me being unwell throughout January we were unable to get into the gym which means my weight loss is even more surprising, I have surprisingly hated not working out but it has given my body time to recover so now I am ready to go again. I am actually hoping to work on my own plan for working out in the gym such as what exercises to do as well as setting up an at home workout plan for those days I can't get to the gym.

One of the biggest changes I have definitely made is with the food I am eating. My snacking has really gone down, I aren't bothered about having all those bags of chocolate I used to and instead if I do want a snack I just have a few chocolate raisins or grapes which is better than a giant bag of chocolate buttons I would used to have just a few weeks ago. We have even made a few recipes out of cook books too which has made me step out of my comfort zone and actually try new food for a change. I would have just eaten junk food or the same food over and over again but now I am more than willing to try new things. My favourite thing at the moment is sitting and looking the Pinch of Nom cook book to see what we will be having next. One thing I really want to do though is try to incorporate more fruit and beg into my diet, I don't like much fruit or veg but I think if I give them a try over and over maybe I will start liking them meaning I can eat a lot more of a variation for our meal times. 

I have decided that along with my reward chart as soon as I reach those stone marks I will be treating myself to some rewards that I am currently working out ( I have a few ideas but am struggling on others) hopefully knowing that I have a treat in sight will help me keep on track and reach those goals. I know once I reach my target weight my reward is going to be a big one that I have wanted for a while. 

So here is how the weight loss went for January:

Begining of January weight : 16 stone 2 & 3/4lbs
End of January weight : 15 stone 12 & 3/4 lbs

Total loss 4lb.

I am quite proud of myself for managing to lose this much weight without being in the gym. But here is what I am aiming for in February

It is time to hold myself accountable and finally get this process moving. I am glad I am slowly losing weight as I have heard if you lose it slower the harder it is to put back on.

Overall 2020 loss so far : 4 lbs.

See you soon

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