Challenging Myself For The Last 92 Days Of The Year : December Plan


How are we already in December? It seems like we blinked and the year has flown straight by and now we are already starting to look towards 2022 which is absolutely crazy. At the start of October you will remember I set myself a challenge for the final 92 days of the year and we are already into the final 31 days of those 92. 

The first 61 days of this challenge haven't really gone to plan, yes I have worked on the foods that I have been eating but I have struggled to get back into my exercise routine so I am determined to make these final 31 days count even more than the previous I am going into it with a bit more of an open mind and a little extra determination which I am hoping is really going to get things moving in the right direction to hopefully start 2022 in the best way. So here is what I am hoping to achieve in the last 31 days of this little challenge... 


I am still really enjoying my boxing and I am hoping that I can get to as many sessions as possible before the end of this challenge, I am not sure if that will mean 1 or 2 sessions but at the end of the day it is better than none at all. I am so glad I discovered boxing in 2021 as it is definitely one of my favourite things to do these days and I count down to Wednesday's now. 


I have really got better when it comes to food choices as my diet is starting to change for the better at the moment. I am really hoping that although we are now in the festive period that I can try keep on my track with my eating habits and that when I am away for a few days at the start of the month that I can also stay on track. I will be making sure I still enjoy the festive season just not going overboard like in previous years. 


I am determined to get on track with my exercise this month and as other things slow down I am hoping to be able to get 3 or 4 home workouts in a week alongside boxing. Fingers crossed I can continue to work out whilst I am away and just make time each day to get moving a lot more than I have been doing. I think if I can get doing this I will finally start seeing the results I am hoping for. 

Mental Health

The festive season is upon us and it is one of those times when it is very easy to end up run down and worn out but I am determined not to let that happen to me this year, yes I will be going out and spending time with family but I will also be taking time for myself just to relax and switch off rather than being 100mph all the time like it has been at some points this year. I need to learn how to switch off more and build healthy habits so lets hope that in these next 31 days I can build some healthy habits to improve my mental health. 

So there you have it that is what I am hoping to do in those final 31 days of the 92 day challenge fingers crossed it is a bit more of a positive month and I am going to be stepping into 2022 with one foot closer to my overall goal and being a better version of me in the new year. I will be doing a post all about how this little challenge ended for me in the start of the new year before I do my 2022 fitness goals post. I am really looking forward to these next 31 days and let's hope the results show at the end of this.

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