It is time to have a real go at cold water therapy...


When I started on my fitness and weight loss back in lockdown in 2020 I started giving cold showers a go but now it is time to step it up a gear...

Cold water therapy seems to be a really big thing at the moment especially on social media and after looking into it more and more the decision has been made and an ice bath has been added to the garden. There are so many potential benefits from consistently partaking in cold water therapy so I am hoping that by adding it into my routine more often I can really feel those benefits. Especially as I have a few health conditions that if research is correct cold water could really help reduce those conditions and give me a better day to day life.

One condition I suffer from is Raynauds which effects your circulation, after searching to see if there were circulation benefits I ready a fair few articles that all said that it can have a positive effect on circulation so I am looking forward to adding it to my routine to see if it does help reduce the effects of my condition which can be an absolute nightmare 24/7. I also suffer from Osteoarthritis in my knee which causes a lot of pain at times and again after a bit of research I have found that the cold water can be really beneficial for this too and honestly I will try anything that can help reduce that pain. There is also plenty of research which says cold water therapy can aid weight loss which is something that I am aiming for so if I do see a benefit from this then even better as I am now back to my starting point.

I know from the previous cold showers though that a huge benefit for me comes mentally. When I started my days with a cold shower I always saw the impact it had, my day would be better, more productive and I was up and ready to hit the ground running where as days where I didn't do this I struggled to get going. When I did the showers consistently I saw a huge change in my moods, I was happier and more confident. I definitely had a whole lot more energy too which lead to a lot more getting done during those days which certainly helped me out a lot within various aspects of my life. 

The cold showers have been hit and miss within the routine but as I am trying to make this consistent I am taking this up a gear and making it a permanent feature in my routine. Not satisfied with just using the shower I have purchased my very own ice bath for the garden. After a lot of deliberating I opted for an Immerse Recovery one as the company have been super helpful on social media.

Immerse Recovery have been producing some great content since they started up and I have been really impressed with what content they have produced as it is insightful and they have also been great with any questions over direct messages, any question they answered so I knew that I was making a good decision getting from them. The owners really know what they are on about and can explain the benefits etc and put your mind at rest plus their own social media accounts replicate the company and show them actually using the products, which is always a good sign that they trust their product and the benefits, rather than just doing it for the money like some owners do. Plus once ordered it was hand delivered which was a nice added touch even if I was out at the time and Liam took in the delivery.

The ice bath itself is great quality and seems like it is going to last me a while so I am firmly believing I have invested my money into the right item that is going to last me my journey and beyond but I guess only time will tell with that however, I have high hopes it will last. The ice bath is going to be placed out in the garden so that I can head out in a morning and start the day the right way. Luckily it is in a secluded area too so I don't have to worry about the neighbors judgement, who knows when the gym finally gets done I might add a little area to the outside of it for the ice bath to be moved to. 

I am excited to see how my fitness & weight loss journey progresses with the addition of the ice bath but in all honesty I am more looking forward to seeing how I grow mentally with the new addition as I think with a bit of consistency I am going to see a massive improvement over all. This is all a step towards the self growth I am looking to achieve in the next year as it is a big priority going forward but more on that another day as there is plenty to talk about there. 

Keep an eye on here and social media too as I will definitely be posting how I get on with the ice bath and any progress I see.

Have you ever given cold water therapy a go?

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