October 2021 New In

How are we at the end of October already? This year is definitely going by far too fast although I can't really complain as this time of the year is definitely my favourite, cosy nights in or cold evenings at the football you just can't beat it. I have been hit & miss when it comes to spending this month and my poor bank account is feeling a bit sorry for itself at the moment. Here is what I have picked up in October, it is safe to say there is a mixture of items...

This is probably the most random purchase of the month but I have wanted a gravy boat for a while now so when I saw this one in Asda I added it straight to the trolley. We now finally have a nice gravy boat for our Sunday dinners rather than having it out of a plastic jug like we have had to previously. I can't wait for out next roast so we can use this. 

I have wanted some of these jars for a while now for things such as marshmallows however, I have struggled to find any in stock so again when I saw these at Asda for £2 I got what was left on the shelf. These are now on our snack table filled with sweets and are going to be restocked plenty of times as the snacks in them aren't lasting very long. 

I have been wanting some Edge of the Area merchandise for a while now especially some warmer items for the colder months and we had the perfect items printed. I got me and my nephew matching jackets which are fleeced lined so they are going to be perfect for the winter games we have coming up and should keep us very warm. I also got myself a snuggle hoodie printed for those cold nights typing up blog posts or match reports after a winters day game, this is actually really cosy and is probably going to be worn far too much. 

I seem to have fallen back into buying graphic novels at the moment and the ones I get are mainly Spider-Man ones. I was struggling on which to pick the other day so Liam helped me settle on this Green Goblin returns one which I am really looking forward ot sitting down and reading as it looks brilliant. 

When I got Green Goblin Returns I also picked up City at War which is one I had been looking at for a while but hadn't purchased yet. I finally caved though and picked it up and I am so glad I did as after a quick flick through I know it is going to be one I enjoy. 

I also picked up this Lifetime Achievement one and to be honest this one jumped out at me the most when I was deciding which ones I wanted. This one looks really good and again I am really looking forward to sitting down and reading it. I think it is safe to say the Spider-Man shelf is starting to fill up.

The only reason I ended up going to the comic book shop was to pick up this Overwatch graphic novel but I obviously ended up getting a lot of Spider-Man too. I absolutely love Tracer so I didn't want to miss out on this one and again I can't wait to sit down and read it.

When I was in the pound shop I came across this Marvel Groot book for just £1 and there was no way I was leaving this behind as it is perfect for my nephew. I am putting this away for him for Christmas but I don't know who will enjoy it more me or him. 

I have finally got my hands on the special edition flocked Gizmo Funko and I can't wait to have him sat by my desk when the games room is finished. As soon as I saw this on the Smyths Toys website I knew I wanted to add it to my collection and at long last I have managed to find one in stock.

Carrying on with the Funko theme I finally managed to add a Spider-Man into my collection and the one I picked up was the black & gold suit one from No Way Home. I absolutely love the colour of this Funko and it is just so nice to finally have a Spider-Man ready to add to the games rooms Spider-Man shelf. 

I also managed to add another Miles Morales to my Funko collection and this time it is the classic suit one. I am loving the Miles Morales Funko's at the moment and I am looking at adding any I find to my collection and who knows I might end up getting the full collection of these ones as they all look brilliant. 

 Finally is is October if I don't pick up a copy of FIFA? Of course I had to pick up FIFA 222 this month and this time around I picked it up for the PS5. I always make sure I purchase this game as it provides hours of fun for both me and Liam. 

Me and my sister are really getting into our boxing these days and to be honest my hands are starting to feel it a little bit so we both got ourselves so hand wraps with a gel lining, these were only £4 on Amazon but even after only using them once we have noticed a huge difference and I think I can get a bit more power in each punch with these which is fantastic. I am hoping they last me a while too. 

First up my mum found this Gremlins Christmas t-shirt and asked if I wanted it picking up and of course I said yes. I got hooked on the Gremlins last year thanks to Liam making me sit down and watch it for the first time. This t-shirt is going to be perfect for the Christmas season and I think I am going to end wearing this more than any other Christmas t-shirts this year. How cute does Gizmo look on this though? 

When my mum got me the Gremlins t-shirt she also found this Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirt reduced down to £3 so I asked her to pick me one of these up too. With this only being £3 it is going to be perfect for lounging around in on those gaming sessions as it is a bit on the over-sized side. 

I am trying to smarten up my work wardrobe and I have started off by picking up these leggings from Asda with a nice zip detail. These are going to look really nice with a shirt and my Chelsea boots and they weren't too expensive so even if they don't fit me after a few month due to my weight loss I will be happy. They are surprisingly thick too so perfect for the winter and colder weather. 

When we were shopping recently I went into H&M and came across the H&MxNoFear collaboration that I didn't know existed. I am so glad I found this t-shirt as it is the perfect fit and the quote on the back is absolutely fantastic. I am really looking forward to styling this t-shirt and I know I am going to get a lot of wear out of it. It is a bit thicker than my other t-shirts which is great.

From the collection I also picked up this long sleeved off white t-shirt which again fits really well and looks great. I love the bold print on the front but it is the quote on the back which again sold it for me. I couldn't quite believe how cheap this t-shirt was to say how good it looks and again I have a fair few styles in mind for this which I can't wait to see come to life. Now I just need to find the other bits in the collection I want in my size and I will be very happy.

So there you have it that is what I purchased throughout October, I am so glad I managed to get a couple of Edge of the Area items to keep me warm over the coming months but what I am most impressed by is the No Fear items that I picked up as to say I didn't know it had been released I could easily buy 99% of the range as it is fantastic. I need to really limit my spending in November as we are getting the games room done so the majority of our money will be being spent on that. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan and I can actually save a bit more in November. 

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