You Can't Beat A Good Spiced Rum

I have mentioned over the past few month how I enjoy a good whisky or gin & tonic but another of my favourite drinks is a good rum. I don't even know what got me started on this drink as it is one that Liam really can't stand but for me I love a good rum and coke every now and then and to be honest sometimes I will reach for this a bit more than I do the whisky. There are plenty of types of rum out there but the only kind I really like is spiced rum as you will see from the rest of this post. If I aren't ordering a gin whilst I am out drinking you bet I will be ordering a spiced rum & coke to keep me going for the evening. So here are the bottles of rum we have currently in our collection at home. 

My grandparents actually got me the big bottle of the Peaky Blinders rum for Christmas last year and my mum got me the smaller bottle earlier this year. They all know just how much I love Peaky Blinders so they said once they saw it they had to get me a bottle. This one is actually really nice to say I hadn't even heard about it before I received the bottles. I am looking forward to making my way through this bottle properly very soon. 

When I go out one of the rum's I always hope is available is the Dead Man's Fingers rum as it is one of the first ones I fell in love with. So my auntie and uncle got me a bottle for at home which I really can't wait to get stuck into. The only issue I have had with this rum is that I have found it goes down far too easy and before I know it I have had a few too many to drink, although luckily rum doesn't seem to make me suffer like some drinks do. 

When my mum got me the mini Peaky Blinders drink she also got me this mini Dead Man's Finger rum which is actually a coffee rum. I hadn't even heard of this one until she got me it but I had to have a sip and WOW it tastes gorgeous. This is definitely a sweet rum but it is one I know I am going to really end up enjoying, who knows a bigger bottle might also end up being purchased too. 

Last year me and Liam went to Norfolk for the week with my family and he treated me to this Black Shuck spiced rum which is one that I hadn't heard of before but wanted to try. Unfortunately I haven't got around to drinking this just yet but I am looking forward to getting tucked into this as it smells lovely, I just don't want to finish this bottle though as I think getting a restock maybe a bit more difficult than with other bottles on the list. 

Finally we have a bottle of good old Captain Morgan spiced rum. If I remember correctly this was actually the first rum I had on a night out and it is just a good cheap option to have to hand especially if anyone comes round and fancies a drink, this is usually a bottle I pull out for those occasions. I think the collection is always going to have a bottle of Captain Morgan in it just to be on the safe side. 

One thing that writing this post has made me realise is that we really need to get a few more bottles of rum added to our collection as what we have not surely isn't going to last very long. I love cold nights with a good rum whilst I am gaming and I know this year is going to have a fair few evenings of drinking and gaming lined up with rum being the go to choice of drink for me. 

Can you recommend any good bottles of rum for me to pick up? 

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