How Did I Find Wearing Footwear Other Than Sneakers For A While?

Remember earlier on in the year when I said my style was changing and I was getting fed up of wearing sneakers all the time, well I have tried alternating to different footwear for a few months now and honestly it has opened my eyes to a fair few points but the question is did I enjoy wearing different footwear or has it just made me want to wear sneakers a whole lot more? 

The idea of trying different footwear came from me just genuinely getting fed up of only wearing sneakers and mainly down to the fact I would really only wear my beat up Air Force 1's. I wanted to feel a bit smarter as my style was changing (more on how that has gone in a future post) and to be honest I just wanted to try something new to see how it went. I ended up dusting off some of the boots I already owned and even bought a new pair that were more suitable for the weather, granted I didn't spend a fortune on new footwear choices but it made a difference and as you will find out later I am glad I didn't go out and spend a fortune. 

I noticed almost straight away just how much a pair of Chelsea boots dressed up an outfit compared to when I wore sneakers, on my birthday trip to Manchester I simply wore a pair of skinny jeans, a checked shirt and a pair of Chelsea boots and the outfit looked a whole lot smarter than when I team up my Air Force. This might have been a smarter look but I can honestly say I would have been much more comfortable in my sneakers and maybe I wouldn't have ended up with blisters from all the walking. I found it nice feeling that bit smarter due to the finishing touches of my outfit but honestly was it really worth the pain? 

It was also a nightmare actually finding some boots to fit me. I really wanted a nice pair of lace up boots at a reasonable price but finding some seemed impossible at the end, I am a UK size 7 so some pairs just didn't look right, they made my feet look huge and I didn't want that. Then the pairs I found that I really liked I couldn't even get them over my calves which drove me mad. If they involved a zip I had absolutely no chance and even if they were just pull on 9 times out of 10 I struggled. It really started to annoy me after a few weeks of not finding anything and honestly I just ended up giving up and not purchasing a pair at all, I just got fed up of looking. 

When I wear sneakers I am always comfortable as I know what fits and what silhouettes are the best for me and that is why I love wearing them so often as there are just so many options out there and you can either get subtle, quite smart ones or really stand out ones which I always tend to purchase. I also think they help me with my bad knee quite a bit too as the pain doesn't feel so bad with some sneakers I wear. Whilst trying different footwear though I didn't feel half as comfortable as I quite often felt restricted due to the build and sturdiness of the boots I was wearing, it was just really uncomfortable and after 10 minutes on that birthday night out I had enough of the boots and wish I had taken my Vans instead. Plus as I mentioned before I kept getting blisters which drove me mad as I wasn't used to having them, for some reason I never get them from the sneakers I purchase. 

I even struggled to walk properly in the other footwear I was wearing and successfully managed to ruin a pair of boots on the same day of purchasing them. I just couldn't seem to walk right I don't know if it is due to how different they felt to sneakers or what but it was a nightmare, it sometimes felt like I could feel the floor underneath me too which I really wasn't keen on. 

There are plenty of styles of footwear out there but honestly after the past few months I think I am going to be sticking to wearing sneakers 99% of the time, I would rather be comfortable and I can use my Chelsea boots for parties etc where I need to make a bit more of an effort than usual, they can be reserved for the very smart days. Yes other footwear might be cheaper than half the sneakers I buy but honestly I would prefer the comfort and variety that sneakers offer. It is safe to say after this little experiment I have also found that sneakers just fit my overall style a whole lot better too. 

Even if I want a smarter look at the end of the day I can still achieve this with a nice pair of clean white sneakers as I have found in the past, yet if I want my outfit to stand out a bit more I can also through on one of my bolder pairs of sneakers that I own. It is safe to say that with the sneakers I own I can definitely change up my style to whatever I feel that day. Sneakers are also much better for when I am having long days out or if I am doing a fair bit of walking due to the comfort levels they offer, I don't want to suffer from blisters again just so I am wearing something other than sneakers for a change.

All this little experiment has made me want to do is experiment with my sneakers a whole lot more and try out different colours and silhouettes to change up my style a little bit more and create different outfits. It has made me realise just how much I love sneakers and I will definitely be sticking to them on a daily basis. Plus it has also made me want to go out and purchase more sneakers too so keep an eye out on here and Instagram to see any future sneaker purchase I make. It is time to level up the sneaker collection at long last.

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