My current fitness & weight loss wish list


Right no more messing around now, it is time to really jump back into my fitness and weight loss journey. This year I have really fallen off track and I haven't seen the results I have wanted. I have been making excuses for not working out and eating junk but I know with a bit more planning I can very easily get more workout sessions in and eat much better than I have been doing. Going forward though a big focus is going to be on being more active once again so getting more workouts in, going on more walks and just not sitting glued to the computer all the time. 

I know that moving more is going to be super helpful for my journey both mentally and physically so it is time to really focus and find a routine that really works for myself. One thing that always gets me motivated to work out more is new clothing and equipment so today's post is all those new bits I would like to add into my wardrobe or house to really motivate me to get back on track and working out. Plus some of the older bits are getting a bit worse for wear now and an upgrade is needed. So here are the bits I want to pick up...


I am wanting to really up the game in terms of the tops I have for working out. Most of my current ones have lost their shape or are in really bad condition so it is time to upgrade them and here are the ones I am wanting to add... 

Nike 1/4 zip

If you have followed me for a while you will know that I have a bit of an unhealthy addiction towards 1/4 zip tops. I only have the one Nike one at the moment but it is easily one of my favourites so I would love to add a few more into my rotation. Simple black or navy ones are top of the list but who knows what others I could end up with.

Under Armour 1/4 zip

I have had my current Under Armour 1/4 zip top for a number of years now and I am only looking to replace it as it is a little bit too big on me. The one I have is just a plain grey one so I am going to have a shop around with the Under Armour brand and see what others I can pick up. No doubt another couple from the brand will creep into the workout drawer sooner rather than later.

Nike Miler t-shirts

I have been tempted to pick up a Miler for a while now but kept putting it off however, I am now starting to think it is time I finally bit the bullet and purchased some for my workout rotation. They look so comfortable and as though they would be suitable for any type of workout I am planning so it is time to start narrowing down which colours I want the most. Black, grey, navy and red will definitely be being purchased but there are a lot of other options out there too.

Under Armour t-shirts

Over the past year or so I have really started to appreciate Under Armour as a brand and I am seeing plenty of products from them that I would love to add to my wardrobe. It is safe to say that the brighter coloured t-shirts in vibrant blue and even orange are up there on the top of my to buy list. I have a few already and they are really comfortable for working out in so a few more being added won't hurt. I might be good though and try hold out for any sales to purchase new ones of these as the ones I already own are holding up pretty well still.

Long sleeve Tops

Where I live is always cold and the gym where I do my workout classes is always cold too so sometimes a long sleeved top is required rather than a t-shirt or a jacket, it just gives a nice thinner layer for a bit of extra warmth. Again Nike and Under Armour will be the go to for these but having 2 in the collection certainly wont go a miss and if I can pick some up cheap then that is even better.

Nike & Under Armour hoodies

Again we are sticking with Nike and Under Armour but this time it is for hoodies. I want to make sure I have a couple of hoodies that are kept for workouts or going to and from classes so maybe one of each will do for the time being. Again you can get these pretty cheap in sales or in outlets so it is going to be a case of shopping around however, I am going to try opt for black or grey in these so they are nice and simple to go with everything. There are plenty of options out there and I am looking forward to picking out the right ones.


I already have plenty of tops in my wardrobe for working out, even if most don't fit right however, I have a serious lack of bottoms to wear with the tops. I am down to two pairs of tracksuit bottoms and two pairs of shorts that are too big for me so the plan is to change that and add a few more pieces into the rotation and here is what is standing out to me lately...

Nike shorts that match the Milers

Nike are really good at doing shorts with just a hint of the colour of the t-shirts they do. So the plan is if I buy a Miler t-shirt, get the shorts that match the colour of the top. This just coordinates the outfit that little bit more which is what I am aiming for as it just looks a whole lot smarter and put together as the colour doesn't take over and the outfit just flows.

Nike tracksuit bottoms

I have tried so many different tracksuit bottoms over the years however, I always go back to Nike as they are by far the most comfortable for me. As I said earlier where I workout is cold so I definitely need a longer alternative to shorts from time to time and as my current tracksuit bottoms are too big it is time to get a nice simple black Nike pair that actually fits me.

Under Armour shorts to match the t-shirts 

As you can probably tell by now I like having matching sets to work out in these days so the plan is that if I get any Under Armour t-shirts I will pick up the shorts that match them. I know that the Under Armour shorts last as I have had a pair for around 5 years now and they only need replacing due to the size so again a few pairs of Under Armour shorts would be a welcomed addition.

Under Armour tracksuit bottoms

The Under Armour tracksuit bottoms are on the list for the same reason as the Nike ones... just so that I have a longer option in the Under Armour brand to go with those t-shirts rather than having to opt for the shorts even in the colder weather. I have never tried Under Armour tracksuit bottoms so I am looking forward to seeing what the fit and comfort level for them is like.

Nike Pros

I have been wearing Sondico base layers since my return to football last year but as my weight is dropping and I am needing new ones I think I am going to make the switch to Nike pro's for both base shorts and tops once more. I used to rely on these back in the day and I know that a few of each item will do well for football and other work outs. Let's just hope I can find some on offer at some point.


It isn't all about the clothing though is it, sometimes a nice little restock on old accessories or trying something completely new can do the trick and help the motivation flow. I know there are a fair few accessories I could do with restocking and some new bits I want to try so here is what made the wish list for this category...

Under Armour shoes

I know I said earlier I like matching sets but if I am matching brands then I want to add footwear into the outfit by that brand too. My old Under Armour shoes lasted for years but they are now on their last legs so I think it is time for an upgrade. The brand have plenty of nice models out there now too so I think I am going to have a shop around and find a nice new pair.

Nike Metcons

Recently I have started attending a weight lifting class and I already know that this is going to be something I stick with and add into my routine more often so the plan is to invest in the right equipment to help me progress. The Nike Metcons look like they could be the perfect shoes for as my journey progresses rather than wearing my Vans all the time so as soon as I find a pair on sale I will be making the the purchase.

Nike Socks

You can never have too many Nike socks especially when it comes to wearing them for working out. My current white ones are looking very worn out now though so I need to add more to the wish list to remind me to go buy new ones. They are definitely on the pricey side of things especially just for socks but it is worth it.

Under Armour socks

I know I have just said that I am after some new Nike socks but I am also hoping to pick up some new Under Armour ones. These are a bit more cushioned than the Nike ones and to be honest I prefer the trainer sock version of these to the Nike ones so a different option is always nice to have 

Sports headbands

Ok so maybe when I decided to grow my hair I didn't think of it in terms of working out and playing football. My hair is currently driving me mad when working out so the plan is to get some headbands, just the thin type so I can keep my hair out of my eyes whilst exercising. I already have a few Miss Kick ones for football so maybe a few more from that brand and a few Nike ones would be good additions to stop my hair from getting in my eyes.

There are a few other little accessories that I would love to purchase to help me along with my journey and they are...

Free Train Vest

If I am getting into running I want somewhere I can keep my keys, phone etc whilst out on runs and the Free Train running vest seems like the perfect option for this. It is a vest that you can often find on offer so I will be keeping my eye out for any cost reductions before I do bite the bullet and pick one of these up.

Beat Fit Pro

I've lost track of just how many pairs of earphones I have picked up for workouts but none of them do the job, they fall out due to not fitting right. I have been buying them on the cheap though so I think it is time to invest in something a bit more expensive in the hopes they work better. My heart is fully set on picking up a pair of Beat Fit Pro's sometime soon, it is just a case of what colour to get.

Whoop band

The more I see Whoop bands on Instagram the more I am tempted to get one. I currently use an Apple watch but I feel like I could get a lot more information from a Whoop band so as we approach the end of the year the plan is to sit down and really have a think about if a purchase of one of these will be beneficial at the start of 2024.

So there you have it those are the items I am hoping to pick up as soon as possible, you will have noticed that in terms of clothing I am trying to stick to just the two brands, this is because at the moment I am much preferring the designs and fit from these brands and I especially love how co-ordinated you can be with items from them. Some nice matching sets should do the trick nicely and help the motivation grow. 

Now let's see what gets purchased first I have a feeling it could be some nice clothing sets and a few accessories...

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