The Sneakers I Would Love To Receive This Christmas

It is safe to say my love for sneakers has really come back towards to the end of this year and honestly I don't know why it has returned so much. But I can't complain as I have spent countless hours lately scrolling through websites trying to find pairs that I would love to pick up, granted a lot are on the expensive side but you get what you pay for these days I have noted and I have made a list of the items I would really love to pick up. As I have said a few times now over the past few weeks it is around this time of the year I get asked what I would like for Christmas and also when I start thinking about treating myself to new items as Christmas presents for myself so today's post is a bit of a sneaker wish list that I would mainly love to treat myself to however, there are a few pieces I will be suggesting to family members as they are a whole lot cheaper than the actual sneakers. So here is what made the wish list... 

Jordan 1 Mid - Armory Navy-White-Black 

I am loving Jordan 1's at the moment but they are so expensive and hard to get hold of which is a bit of a nightmare. However, I would love to get some of the Navy mid's as I don't own that many darker sneakers and there would go perfectly with half of my wardrobe. I think 2022 is going to be the year where I start to purchase some darker footwear and this would be the perfect start. 

Jordan 1 Mid White -Hyper Royal Blue

I know I just said I would be getting darker footwear but I absolutely love how the hyper royal blue looks on these Jordan 1's. It is a nice and vibrant blue which is going to make the outfit it is paired with stand out that bit more. If I can find these at a reasonable price I will definitely be purchasing these at some point. 

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black-Chile Red- Grey Fog

 I wear my current Air Force 1's almost daily but I fancy a bit of a change, I also want some darker footwear so this pair of Air Force 1's is definitely standing out to me. I can't actually think of any black sneakers I own other than my Van's or Converse so these would be the perfect addition to the sneaker rotation. I love how the black, grey and white all work so well together and I already have so many outfits in mind for these if I do pick them up. 

Nike Air Force 1 Low 

As I just said my Air Force 1's are worn almost daily which also means they are a bit of a mess at the moment and are actually falling apart at the back which is pretty annoying but with me wearing them daily and not really taking care of them it can be expected. I think it is about time I treated myself to a nice clean box fresh pair and actually take care of them this time around. These look so much better when they are clean. 

Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage 

I have a red pair of blazers that I have had for almost 10 years now and they are going strong even after all of those years that is why I have my eye on another pair. The red is a bit of a bold colour so I am wanting a nice pair of Blazers that are more subtle and these '77 Vintage ones tick all the boxes and to be honest I think they look quite smart too with the simple white, grey & black colours. I am getting a bit ahead of myself but I have so many outfit ideas in mind for these for all 4 seasons. 

Nike Waffle One

There is something about the Waffle One's that just seem to be pulling me towards them and honestly I don't know what it is. A year ago I probably wouldn't have even looked at these but they are different and I would love to have a pair in my rotation especially for the spring & summer. I think it might be the back of the sneaker I love the most but I just want to try them for myself and see how good they look in person. 

Nike React Vision

I already have a pair of Reacts but they aren't as chunky as this and they have a variety of colours on them. I love how the silhouette for this sneaker looks but most importantly I love how well the colours work together. These are definitely a pair of sneakers that would be perfect for the summer months teamed up with a nice pair of shorts and a graphic t-shirt. They are on the more expensive side of things for what they are but I just love them. 
Nike Dunk Low Light Soft Pink-Lime Ice-White 

The Dunk's aren't a sneaker I have been particularly bothered with but this pair is just tempting me to buy my first pair. If you have read the blog for a while you will know that I love sneakers that stand out and are different and this pair definitely ticks those boxes. I love the softer colours on these and again they could be the perfect pair for when the weather starts to warm up again. 

Nike Crew Socks 

The Nike white crew socks seem to be the only socks I wear these days, I have tried other pairs recently but none are as good as the Nike ones, the only issue is they don't stay fresh white for long and I hate it when they start too look worn out. I have dropped a few hints for some new pairs for Christmas so fingers crossed someone has listened and I can have fully white socks once more. 

Crep Protect Sneaker Shields 

I absolutely hate when my sneakers get creased and my family actually find it quite funny with how much it annoys me. I have recently bought a pair of these sneaker shields and they are great so I would love to own a few more pairs as my sneaker collection grows so I can keep those sneakers that crease easy, Air Force I am looking at you, crease free. 

Crep Protect Pill 

I have actually wanted these Crep Protect pills for a while now as with me wearing specific sneakers more than others I want to make sure they are always kept smelling fresh. If these do the job right then I think I could end up with a pair for each well worn pair in my rotation as if they keep the sneakers odor free it makes life so much easier. 

Crep Protect Wipes 

I have always got some Crep Protect wipes in stock at home so I can keep my sneakers nice and clean, just a quick wipe before heading out or when I get home makes the sneakers last a lot longer and just makes them look a lot better too. I can go through these pretty quickly so this pack of 32 wipes could come in very handy especially in these wet and muddy months, plus they don't break the bank to keep stocked up on either. 

Fingers crossed I can treat myself to a few items off this list and maybe drop a few hints to Liam or others for a few of the cheaper items. I really do enjoy treating myself around Christmas and with how this year has gone with the growth of my blogs etc I think I deserve the treat this time around. Who knows you might end up seeing some of these items on the blog very soon if I do manage to pick some up but what I can say for sure is that there is about to be a whole lot more sneaker content coming in 2022, which how I style them etc and I can't wait to get writing.

Are there any sneakers you would love to pick up soon? 

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