Finally Our Loft Has Had Facelift

At long last we have finally got our loft redone. We have been in the house for way over 3 years now and one of the things we have wanted to get done was the loft as we were lacking in storage space and it was just really annoying knowing we had all that space up there with no real access to it, without it being a huge struggle. Before we got the loft done it was just full of insulation so storage wasn't really an option, plus the hatch to get through was tiny meaning most boxes wouldn't even fit through which was a pain. Plus we only had a small step ladder to get up there which really wasn't tall enough so we could only put things on the edge and slide them back as far as they would go. When it came to Christmas it was a nightmare as all our decorations were somewhere up there so we would struggle to get those down and more often than not things would go missing as they were pushed too far back. There was no light either so you had to use torchlight to even have a chance of seeing anything. 

So this year we decided it was finally time to do something about the loft situation and we finally got the ball rolling to have the perfect storage solution for the house and WOW I am so glad we did this. We bought the materials and booked in for a family friend to do the work and now we have the loft space all opened up ready to be used. 

First up we cut in a much better loft hatch which is wide and long enough to fit boxes and ourselves through it meaning access to the loft has just got 100 times easier. This hatch also has a ladder to attach to it so we no longer need those nightmare step ladders to gain access. We now simply just pull down the hatch and pull the ladders out and we can climb right up into the loft and easily pass things up there. 

We then had the flooring boarded so that we could put things on it without damaging the insulation, it also means that we can easily walk around the whole of the loft safely as the boards are nice and sturdy and we aren't going to find ourselves falling through the floor and into a room below. The boards were surprisingly cheap and I was surprised at just how many were needed because we hadn't seen the full loft before so we definitely underestimated its size at first. We also got a light fit up there so that we didn't have to rely on torchlight anymore. 

When the work had been done and I went up there fully for the first time I really was amazed at just how big the loft space was, it went back a loft further than I expected and we have a whole loft more storage space than I expected which is fantastic as I can now free up a whole lot more space in other areas of the house where things for the loft were currently just dumped. 


Once I had been up there the first thing I did was go out and buy a whole lot more storage, those plastic boxes from B&M are coming in so handy and they can be stacked so we now have boxes for everything we need. There were already some boxes up there for decorations, clothing etc but we can now add more just to organise things a bit better and make access to what we need so much easier in the future, I have already added a present box and summer box to free up space downstairs. I have even put a lot of things from my childhood up there such as old games consoles, soft toys and memory boxes so they are nice and safely stored for if I need them in the future. 

It is safe to say it is going to make Christmas much easier too as it is going to mean we can get the tree up and down a whole lot easier and be able to find our decorations better than we could before. Plus we have more space to make sure all the decorations have their own home so they no longer go missing. Plus we can hide all the presents we buy up here meaning my spare room/office shouldn't be over run with presents for a change.  

This is definitely going to make our lives so much easier and I can't wait to get up there and organise everything properly so everything is in order rather than just dotted around like it currently it. Fingers crossed I can get that done soon so that I can see what we need for Christmas and if we need any other boxes. We have plenty of space here but I am determined to not let it get into the same state as my parents loft currently is, I want to keep it as functional as possible instead of having it full of junk. 

We have started from the top of the house by finally getting this done and are going to be slowly working back down getting every room fully redone to the standard I wish we had got done at first but when we moved in we definitely rushed each room. Now it is time to fix each room and finally get them how we want and now the loft is done it is finally time to start on the most important room... the games room. Roll on November for that work to start. 

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