The Fashion Items I Would Love For Christmas

 Ah Christmas is fast approaching and we are getting to the dreaded point where all I am asked is what I want, when in fact I normally have no ideas at all as anything I want I tend to get myself throughout the year, it has been this case since I have been earning my own money. But this year I got thinking of what I would ask for or treat myself to if there was no budget. Each year I get myself at least one item which I consider to be a present to myself 2019 was a camera, 2020 was a football shirt and this year I have a few ideas of what I am going to be looking for. But today's post is about the items I would love to receive either from other or mainly from myself this Christmas period...

I have mentioned this All Saints t-shirt a fair few times on the blog now and I still don't have it hung in my wardrobe so who knows when some one asks me what I want this year I might just direct them to this as I know it is something I am going to wear a lot. I have realised I wear plain black t-shirts a lot lately and I love how this one just has the simple All Saints logo on to stop it being too plain and to be honest it looks a bit smarter than my £2 Primark ones. Surprisingly it isn't too expensive either at around the £29 mark. 

Unfortunately these days none of my rings are fitting me, they are either too tight or too big there really is no in between. I am just only the look out for something nice, plain & simple that is going to be able to be worn everyday and this Pandora one ticks all the boxes in my eyes as it is nice and subtle. It surprised how cheap this was too and I think I will be dropping hints to Liam for this one. If this fits me I think I will end up seeing if they do this in other colours too. 

Since losing the weight I have definitely needed to repurchase a fair few items for my wardrobe, one area I definitely need to improve on is my jeans as I just can't get any good fitting ones. That is why I am hoping to have lost a bit more weight in the run up to Christmas as I am hoping to get a pair of Levis very soon. I love how Levis look and both Liam & my grandad love Levis yet I have never had a pair. Who knows I might ask someone for a pair of these or treat myself to them as they are quite expensive for a pair of jeans. 

In the past few months I have been on the look out for the perfect pair of lace up boots and I think I have finally settled on a pair of Dr Martens for myself. I used to want a pair of these but then I never got them so I think it is finally time that I made that purchase. These are the item I am really considering treating myself too as they are definitely expensive but I think they would suit the direction my style is heading in really well, plus as the weather gets worse they will be better than sneakers. If I do get these though I will definitely have to make sure I look after them and keep them in good condition rather than just scuffing them and ruining them instantly. 

Another item I would love to treat myself to is a Ralph Lauren jumper, again this item is on the expensive side so I would rather treat myself to this than ask anyone else but it is an item I have almost bought for myself quite a few times lately as they just look brilliant. Again though this is an item that I have wanted to lose a bit more weight for due to the price but maybe this Christmas is finally the time to get it. There are a few different styles of the teddy bear jumper I want so I definitely need to do my research on which one I prefer the most but lets hope I can finally buy one. 

So there we have it those are the items I would love to get for Christmas either from myself or family. It is safe to say as I am getting older it is getting a lot harder to buy for me as my family tell me all the time as I would rather buy something myself rather than wait until Christmas or my birthday. I am trying not to get things for the sake of it anymore so let's hope I don't start telling them stupid suggestions just to stop them asking. Let's hope that by new year I have treated myself to a few of these items too. 

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