The Fitness Items I Would Love For Christmas

I mentioned previously about my fashion Christmas wish list but the main area I am wanting to increase is my fitness clothing and accessories as it is a bit part of my life at the moment and I need some more clothing especially for the colder weather. I would rather get more fitness items than fashion at the moment as if I am not in my work clothes I am more than likely in workout clothing plus I am getting more and more into my boxing and football so I want clothing and equipment for that. Fitness is now a big part of my life so if I get asked what I want for Christmas or if I want to treat myself here are the items I would love...

I am really lacking in jog bottoms at the moment which is surprising as I live in these lately so I would love to purchase a few more pairs just to make sure every occasion is covered. After looking on the Nike website recently I came across these tapered training trousers for £39.95 which is not too bad for a pair of Nike trousers. I think these would be perfect for those colder boxing sessions that are coming up plus they would be pretty good for going to watch the football in as I can't cope when my jeans get wet and I am having to sit around. Fingers crossed I can find these in my size soon. 

Also on the Nike site I came across these football dri-fit pants for £30.95 which again is cheap for the quality you are getting plus they look really nice. I have some Manchester City ones a bit like this and I know they fit me well so fingers crossed I can get the pair in the image above for when I am playing football or even for when I am boxing as they are really comfortable. They do a matching jacket for these so maybe I could end up getting the full set. Again I could even wear these for going to watch the football. 

I definitely don't struggle when it comes to t-shirts to work out in but it can't hurt to add a few more right? I absolutely love the Nike Swoosh training t-shirts and they would be perfect for those home workouts and boxing sessions. I think  I could even end up wearing them for b lounging around in as they look that comfortable. At £27.95 they are on the more expensive side for what I am used to but if they fit as good as they look I would be happy to build up a little collection. I want to try get some colours I wouldn't usually buy too just to add a bit of variety into my wardrobe. 

I have a fair few pairs of shorts at the moment but none that are really suitable for playing football in so I think I am going to ask someone for a pair of these woven training shorts as they would be good for football, boxing and even home workouts and with them being £27.95 I would get my money worth out of them. These are a bit longer in length so are better suited to me so let's hope we can find a pair that fits me nicely. Nike is definitely my favourite when it comes to my football gear and I can't see that changing any time soon.

With me being back playing football I can finally get back to buying football boot, where I play now I need some Astro trainers rather than molds so fingers crossed I can either treat myself to them or convince Liam to get me a pair as you can never have too many pairs. I really want a new Nike pair as they have some great ones out at the moment so fingers crossed we can find some I can settle on that aren't going to cost a fortune. It is so nice being back playing and being able to buy boots again. 

I have mentioned before how I am looking to create a training garden for me to incorporate football into my workouts a whole lot more. That is why I would love this Flick Urban skills net to practice shooting which will help me strengthen my knee too so it is a bit of a win, win situation. The best part is my nephew could have hours of fun with this too and we can practice together. I can easily pack this away and take it to a local field if I wanted as well. 

If you have read the blog for a while you will have seen I pick up a fair few footballs. This year the EFL have moved away from Mitre and it is now Puma who creates their match day ball so I would love to add this one into the collection. These are really reasonably priced and after picking up a fair few recently I can't really neglect this one with it being the first by Puma. Plus it could always come in handy as an extra review post over on our football blog. 

As I said earlier I have really got into my boxing and for a while now I have been asking Liam if we could get a punch bag for out in the garden. I would love to have this either attached to the house or in the side garden so I could head out whenever I wanted to get some more practice in or just have an extra boxing session at no extra cost. Fingers crossed he will finally take the hint and we will see on added for 2022. These Everlast ones look great and are really reasonably priced. 

Finally we have another boxing item but this time it is a pair of boxing gloves. I have some black and grey Everlast ones at the moment but I would love to pick up a new pair the are a bit more colourful. I originally wanted these red and white gloves from RDX so I think I might ask someone for a pair of these at last so I can alternate between pairs and give the other pair time to stop stinking. 

It is safe to say I am definitely opting for more fitness related products lately as it is slowly taking over all my free time once more and I am really pushing myself to make sure I lose this weight at long last. I think by asking people for items off this list it is going to help motivate me a little bit more and get me back on the right track. Plus these items definitely won't go to waste as I would use them multiple times each week. 

If you could ask for a fitness related item for Christmas this year what would it be? 

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