Food, Drink & Lifestyle Items I Would Love To Receive This Christmas

 I think I must be getting old because as Christmas approaches my whole mindset has changed for when people ask me what I want for a gift. I used to ask for things for the sake of it but now I actually consider if I need the item or not. I also like to treat myself and Liam a whole lot more around this time of the year and I think I want to do this more now than ever as we might live together but I don't feel like we have actually had much time together or done much together this year. I also tend to want to ask people for bits for the house these days too as house purchases tend to be none stop and honestly they drive me mad so why not let someone else treat us to an item that we have wanted but just not got around to buying. Today's post is a look at those items I would love to receive at Christmas or that I would love to treat myself to as a bit of a Christmas present, these items are all either food, drink or lifestyle related... 

First up is a bit of something for me and Liam to do together although he would probably hate it. I absolutely love crazy golf and it has been a while since I have been to play at one, with one now being in our local town I would love to treat us both to a night out with a few rounds of golf, something to eat and a few drinks after. This would just be nice as it would get us out of the house and doing something together and I am sure it will create plenty of laughs. 

I don't actually remember the last time me and Liam went to the cinema together so I would love to treat us to a cinema trip or two. I am hoping that around Christmas time we can get on a trip to the cinema and who knows in 2022 we might get to even more if some good films are released. We definitely need to do more together and a trip to the cinema certainly ticks all the boxes. At least if I treated us to a gift card we could have a few trips prepaid for. 

When I was 16 my parents got me tickets to the Manchester United stadium tour and I absolutely loved it. 11 years later obviously a lot has changed since that tour so I would love to go back and do it again but this time I would absolutely love to drag Liam along to it with me as I think he would actually enjoy it. I am hoping that in 2022 I can actually do quite a few stadium tours for the Edge of the Area blog and this would certainly be a great place to start. 

Can you believe that even after over 3 years of living in our home we still have never owned a pair of oven gloves. I am at that stage now where I am absolutely sick of ruining tea towels by burning them as we are just wasting a lot of money by doing this. I am really hoping that I can hint to Liam that I want a good pair of oven gloves for Christmas as I plan to use the kitchen a whole lot more but if not this might be an after Christmas boxing day sale treat to myself. 

As I just said we are going through a lot of tea towels at the moment due to using them as makeshift oven gloves too so we are currently just buying really cheap ones which to be honest are a nightmare, they fall to pieces and no matter how many times you wash them you just end up with fluff all over your nice clean washing up. I really want some nice none fluffy tea towels, again these might be a boxing day treat to myself but I just want something that is going to dry things and not leave fluff all over for a change. 

I have asked for some baking equipment for Christmas so if all goes to plan I am hoping that most of my Saturday's when Liam is working will end up being spent in the kitchen baking away, plus I am also hoping that I can get cooking a whole lot more too but one thing I am really noticing is that I am an extremely messy cook, no matter what I make I end up absolutely covered so fingers crossed I can get someone to get me a nice Apron so I can try save my clothing that little bit more. I might look a complete dork wearing one but if it stops clothes getting stained I will be happy. 
I don't know why but I am finding myself drawn towards Le Creuset items at the moment and I am wanting to add a few pieces into our kitchen, it looks like that might be made more possible with the amount of items TK Maxx have at the moment. I am really loving these small serving bowls that they do especially in the above colourway. These little bowls would be great for putting snacks in or little bits to accompany meals on taco nights etc. 

With me wanting to start cooking more and the weather being terrible around Christmas time I would love to own a casserole dish so I could make some nice warm winter meals. Again it is a Le Cruset one that is standing out to me but I would be happy with any casserole dish just so I could get started on making these. Again I think this could be a boxing day sale purchase for myself but I am really looking forward to picking one up so that I can try cook some different bits. 

I already have all the Pinch of Nom books that are currently out so I would love to add the newest one to my ever growing collection. I used to use these books a fair bit and I loved the recipes I used so I am hoping to go back to using them a whole lot more but I think this new addition would be perfect as it would give us even more options to cook each week. I am hoping by getting latest edition and using the older ones I will be in the kitchen a whole lot more. The best part about these books is that they are healthy recipes and the book itself is actually really reasonably priced. 

Now this one is a bit random but every single time I see it in B&M I want to purchase it, the little skillet looks really cute plus a kind brownie sounds absolutely gorgeous. I am sure the brownie would be eaten straight away and the mini skillet could end up coming in really handy for making other items in the future. There are other version of this too such as nutella ones so maybe it could give me some baking inspiration. 

Me and Liam have both started drinking wine a lot more often and a lot of that wine comes with a cork in it. Now that isn't really an issue apart from when the cork breaks into the bottle which has happened far too often lately. I never knew a cork retriever was a thing but now that I do I think either I need to treat us to one or I need to get Liam one for his Christmas present. No doubt this would get used quite often and it is definitely something that would be good to have around. 

I am drinking a fair bit of whisky these days and often I would like some ice in it but we never seem to have any... we even keep forgetting to put our reusable ones back in the freezer when they have been washed which is a bit ridiculous. I absolutely love these ball ice trays and I think that the ice would look great in a nice glass of whisky. Granted you only get 4 ice balls out of it but they would look cool.  
Since drinking wine I have found an issue... if it came with a cork I drink the full bottle so it doesn't go funny after just a few glasses. That is why I have decided that a good purchase or gift would be a bottle stopper. I can simply just put this over the top of my bottle rather than drinking the whole thing when I really don't need to. These do seem expensive for what they are however, if it stops me doing a full bottle of wine all the time I think it is pretty inexpensive really. 

Finally I love a good glass of gin and to be honest I only have two glasses which are printed with distillery names, I just want some plain gin glasses now as in certain areas I am going off the need for everything to be printed. I absolutely love these gin goblets that I found on the Harvey Nichols site so I would love to get myself and possibly Liam one of these so that we have matching and just something a little bit nicer. 

Fingers crossed I can drop a few hints to Liam for some of these items and maybe I can treat myself to a fair few bits too and we can finally go out and spend more time together. I am also hoping to pick up some of these items so I can finally get in the kitchen a whole lot more and make some really nice meals and bake some nice treats for us both. I must definitely be getting old to be this excited for kitchen items. 

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