October 2021 Favourites

Where has October disappeared to? It seems like I have blinked and the month has completely passed us by, the months just don't seem to be lasting two minutes anymore which is a bit crazy as before we know it we are going to be at Christmas. October is the first full month of autumn which I love as it means life finally begins to slow down and I have a few spare evenings rather than always being out doing things which is what happens in summer. October has overall been a pretty good month and here are my favourite things from the month... 


Layering Up 

One of my favourite things about this time of year is the weather beginning to change and the colder weather rolls in. One of my favourite things about the month was the fact I was finally be able to fully crack into my autumn wardrobe and get wearing some of my favourite clothing once again. I have loved getting layered up to protect myself from the cold as it means that I can wear some of my all time favourite outfit combinations such as outfits that contain flannel shirts or hoodies. 


Cosy Autumn Evenings

I have loved spending a fair few October evenings just at home all cosy under the darker evenings either binge watch Grey's Anatomy (it is becoming a bit of a problem as I haven't watched anything else) or sitting and playing my games in the games room. I have loved just laying on the sofa wrapped up in a blanket with a candle lit wasting hours away watching Grey's but honestly the best part has been spending hours playing my games as I have missed playing them due to a lack of time in the summer months. 


Reorganising The Kitchen

Finally we have managed to get around to reorganising the kitchen. This job has been on the to do list for so long but we have just been putting it off for so long as it just felt like it was going to be a huge task but finally in October we got around to doing this and it honestly didn't take half as long as we expected. By doing this it has made life much easier as cooking things are closer to where we prepare food and actually cook and all our other items are closer to where they need to be. I am just wishing we had done this a bit sooner. 

Health & fitness

Getting My Steps Up 

Since starting my fitness journey last year I have been really hit and miss when it comes to getting my steps in however, during October I have absolutely loved just walking about places and getting my step count up compared to previous months. A few day trips have also helped when it has come to being able to do this but the main difference has been walking to and from work a whole lot more than previously. My body is definitely grateful for this change although my legs do seem to ache a lot more.

So there you have it those are my favourites from October. What are your favourites from October 2021?

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