Challenging Myself For The Last 92 Days Of The Year : November Plan


It is safe to say October really didn't go too well when it came to my first 31 days of challenging myself out of the 92 that is why I am determined to make everyday out of the 30 in November count on this journey. October started out really strong with me making some strong changes food and drink wise however, as the month went on I just found myself slipping back into old habits, nothing really happened on the exercise front either which definitely annoyed me but this was honestly due to a bit of a lack of time alongside laziness. We have had the first part of this challenge now though and for the second month I want to really hit the ground running and built on the habits I created in October so that I can hopefully stick to them this time and finally see that progress I am hoping for. October is in the past now and November means it is time to knuckle down and do what I failed to do the last time around, 31 days of the 92 are gone so it is time to make the final 61 count so here is the plan for November...


This is the area I did really well in last month as I went every Wednesday throughout the month that is why I am hoping to do the same again in November. There will be 4 opportunities to go boxing throughout this month and I am determined to make all 4. I am really seeing an improvement in my boxing and my fitness seems to be getting better from this so it is about time that I went continuously. 


I really struggled to get to the football sessions in October due to other arrangements and to be honest it looks like I might struggle a bit in November too so for that reason I aren't going to commit to a specific number of sessions to attend however it will be an added bonus if I do get to some. If I don't get to the football sessions I will try to replace them with another form of workout. 


The weight sessions never happened in October either due to a lack of space of all things. The living room and dining room have been overtaken with bits from the games room and we have had al ot of things changing so the house has been a mess, fingers crossed though it is all going to be tidied up very soon and we will be able to bring the weights back out and I can aim for 2 sessions a week. With 4 and a bit weeks making up November I am hoping that throughout the month I can get at least 8 weights sessions done. 

Other Workouts 

I have reinstalled the Gymshark app on my phone so I am going to try create a bit of a plan of my own on here to do twice a week as I am hoping that will motivate me a little bit more. I will also be getting at least 3 dance videos complete each week on YouTube as I am hoping to finally have the space to do them once again. Space has really been an issue lately but it is time for that to change and I am really looking forward to getting the chance to dance around the living room as a workout once again. The exercise bike is also going to make a reappearance too as it is about time that stopped being a clothes rail and got used. Even half an hour a day will be a great benefit as it will really help my bad knee. 


Again a lack of time meant walks were sacrificed last month but even if the weather isn't great I want to get on at least 4 walks throughout November. I am really enjoying walking to and from work at the moment but it isn't exactly the furthest walk so I definitely need to do something to increase my steps throughout the month. I will be wearing my Apple Watch a lot more again too to make sure I am getting in as many steps as I should be. 


When it comes to food at work I have done so well to be able to stick within my calorie allowance each day and the junk snacks have almost completely gone. What I need to change in November though is what I eat at home. I am determined in November I am going to start cooking a whole lot more rather than relying on Liam or takeaways. I want to try new meals and I want to know what is going into each meal so I am aiming for only 1 takeaway throughout the whole month. I will be getting food at the football and going on at least 1 day out but for me those don't count as takeaways and I always try to include them in my calorie intake, plus a treat day out is needed every now and again. 


Weight wise nothing changed in October and I know exactly why. It has annoyed me too as I know I have some much potential to lose a lot each month and I am wasting it. That is why I am promising to myself I will lose at least 8lb this month, that is 2lb a week which if I stick to the above is more than realistic. I want to be going into the final 31 days of this challenge at a lower weight so I can be closer to my end goal by the time 2022 start. So things crossed my November weight loss update has a big loss in it. 

We are 31 days into this challenge and the next 30 are going to be a big push towards the final month of the challenge. Fingers crossed November is a good month where lots of healthy habits are created and I can finally get back to where I was in 2020, I just need to learn how to incorporate all that I was doing in lockdown into my life now it has got 100 times busier. I am going into these next few days determined and with a clear goal in mind so lets do this and see a difference. 

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