How I Style My Hair Now It Is Finally Short Again


After struggling with much longer hair for far too long this past year due to the lock down's now it is back to the length I prefer it at I have found I am spending a lot more time styling it and making sure it is looking the best it can each and every day. I have always enjoyed having shorter hair as I can style it just as I like it and honestly it just make me feel more me and much more confident, that is why as soon as I could I booked into the hairdressers to get it back to just how I liked it. 

Over the years I have purchased a lot of products to help me get the perfect style and I use products on my hair daily to ensure I get the right style and hold which has meant every morning I have plenty of options of what I want to use that day although sometimes I just really can't make my mind up on what I want to use. So here is how I typically style my hair... 

First up I wash my hair using the Johnny's Chop Shop born lucky shampoo which has a shot of conditioner in it. I have found this works really well for my hair and it has actually been my go to shampoo for a few years now. It is a really reasonable price and has never caused me any issues, a bottle of this lasts me quite a while too. 

The next step all depends on how much time I actually have and what stage my hair is at in length. Due to it being short it actually dries pretty quickly so most days I will just towel dry my hair however, if I am in a bit of a hurry I will use my hairdryer on a medium heat just to speed up the drying process a little bit. Before my hair is fully dry I will apply a little bit of argan oil as I love how this makes my hair feel as I feel it is in a little better condition when I use that. 

When I towel dry my hair I will brush this into position as it is almost dry as then it is drying in the place it should be and I aren't having to mess around with getting my totally dry hair into position as I have found this can be a complete nightmare. Once it is in position and ready to be properly styled the process is massively sped up and plain sailing as I have my products in order of their use. 

First up in the styling process I will apply some VO5 thickening powder as my hair is quite thin and really benefits from the extra boost this product provides. This is a relatively new purchase and I absolutely love how easy it is to use. Just apply the powder to your roots, rub it in and you are good to go. I have definitely noticed a difference since I have started using this and I will be repurchasing it when it has run out. 

Once the thickening powder is on I will use what I have left of my VO5 fluff tamer to just tame any stray hairs I have, these are normally on the sides where my hair is shaved but a small amount of the fluff tamer does the trick. My only problem is that this is now discontinued so I need to find a replacement for when this runs out as this is a life saver most days. 

When that is all done it is onto the penultimate and most important part of styling my hair... applying the main product. For ages I just used a VO5 paste however, I am now using the Got2B beach matt paste. This little tub is lasting me a while and cost me under £5 which is fantastic. It is really easy to apply and just a small amount goes a long way so you really do get great value for the price you pay. What I have noticed with this is that once applied you can't see the product which is fantastic as I have had ones in the past that have left me needing to wash my hair again which is a nightmare. This paste helps give me the perfect style and holds for 90% of the day until I start messing around with it, even when I have been caught in the rain my hair hasn't budged thanks to the paste. 

Finally I hold my hairstyle in place with the Got2B glued hairspray which I am still unsure about, yes it gives a fantastic hold but it has a very strong glue smell to it which does drive me a bit mad. This has been my go to hairspray for a while now but I do tend to switch between different ones every few month. This one is great though as even in the rubbish British weather I can go out without a hood or hat and still be confident it isn't going to move, even in the strong winds my hair doesn't move thanks to this. 

I tend to stick to using a roller brush or comb to do my hair as they are perfect for my short length and you can pick them up pretty cheap which is always an added bonus. So that is how I currently style my hair, it is so good having my hair back to a short length once again because it just gives me a bit of a confidence boost which I am always grateful for. I never thought a hairstyle could make me feel so good about myself but after that time of it being too long during lock down I have realised just how much a short hair cut can do for me. 

What are some of your favourite hair styling products or tools? 

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