The Fragrances I Would Love To Pick Up Soon

Over the years I seem to have got a lot more into fragrances and I have experimented with different ones instead of sticking with the same ones year after year which is something I did a lot. Once I found a scent I liked I would end  up just repurchasing it over and over again which got boring in the end. Since trying different scents I have found new brands I enjoy and some that I will definitely avoid, I much prefer to buy men's fragrances as often the women's ones are too floral for my liking but sometimes women's fragrances do stand out and I will purchase them. Sometimes even the packaging could influence my decision over whether I am going to purchase a scent or not. Over the years I have definitely changed what I buy but here are the fragrances currently on my fragrance wish list...

Toy Boy 

The Moschino Toy Boy fragrance is one I actually only originally wanted due to the teddy bear bottle, I absolutely love the look of this black glass teddy bear bottle and it will look great on my dressing table due to the great bottle design. I actually managed to have a smell of this scent from a tester bottle recently and it smells like it is going to be right up my street and it could easily become my daily scent. 

CK One Summer

I am currently using CK One as my daily scent and I love it, as soon as it runs out I am going to repurchase a new bottle. When I was browsing the internet recently I came across the CK One Summer 2021 edition and it looks amazing. Not only is it in a bright summer themed bottle but it also has citrus notes which is fantastic for me as I love anything with citrus scents. I could easily end up picking this up soon.

Polo Ralph Lauren Big Pony 2

I used to own this fragrance and I used it as my daily fragrance for a long time as I loved it that much. I keep meaning to repurchase this fragrance however, there was always a different one that came along and I ended up opting for the new one rather than the Ralph Lauren one. Who knows 2021 could be the year I finally pick up one of my favourite fragrances again. 

Tom Ford - Undecided On Which One

I used to own the Tom Ford Black Orchid fragrance and I absolutely loved it, even people around me would compliment me due to the smell of this fragrance and it was overall just fantastic. I would love to purchase a new Tom Ford fragrance but I don't really know which one I want just yet but it could easily be the Black Orchid one again. The only problem for me is just how expensive the Tom Ford scents are, they are definitely a treat. 

Creed Aventus

This is probably the ultimate fragrance for me as it has been on my wish list for so long however, the price is really putting off as I just can't bring myself to pay over £100 for a bottle of something that is going to need replacing sooner rather than later, if I did get this and like it as much as I think I will it could end up very costly. I actually buy scents at the moment that are very similar but a lot cheaper so for now I will stick to purchasing them but who knows I might end up treating myself to a bottle of Creed one day. 

I definitely really enjoy buying fragrances now as there are so many great ones out there. I have a good little collection recently that I love wearing but who knows new bottles might be added soon. What is on your fragrance wish list? 

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