The 90 Day Challenge Part 3


So here we go again, I have done two 90 day challenges so far and haven't got the results I wanted, mainly just slacking off or falling out of routine. I could have done so much better but it just didn't work out and honestly I felt deflated by that. However, now I am back in work and back into a consistent routine I am going to give this challenge another go and hopefully it will be third time lucky for me. 

I can go into this challenge knowing that I am now in a great routine thanks to being in the office five times a week and not going out and about now things have reopened. Since I have been back at work I have been really motivated and I am actually doing a lot better in my weight loss journey as I have that consistent routine that I thrive off. That is why I think this time around I am going to see the results I want to as I have the motivation and the time to put into this. If I don't take a lot of snacks to work I can't sit snacking everyday and I can't be fueling myself on junk food like I did when the first lockdown was lifted. Plus there are other things going on that are definitely going to help me on the journey and keep me on track unlike before. 

During these 90 days I will be taking part in a 'fitfans' initiative through Bradford City which is all about nutrition and exercise, this will be going on for 12 weeks and I honestly think I am going to end up learning a lot from this and I think it can also really help me drop some extra pounds. I am also starting a boxing fitness class once a week with my sister which I know is going to push me to my limits but should be fun at the same time as me and my sister don't do much just the two of us. I think doing the 'fit fans' and the boxing mixed in with my other workouts I am going to be heading in the right direction plus I am hoping the weather finally improves and I can finally get back walking with Liam on a weekend which would be nice for us both and I surprisingly like walking these days which is definitely a bit of a shock to me as I used to hate it. I am really looking forward to trying out some new exercises and I think something different is just what I need to get me dropping those pounds again and staying on the right track. I would love to go swimming at some point during these 90 days too but honestly I don't know how likely that is going to be, it would be great if it did happen though. 

One thing that let me down the previous two tries at this challenge is what I was eating. I was eating too much junk and it took its toll on me. So this time I am determined to eat much better. I am going to track my meals properly so I know that I am within my calories daily, when I have tracked previously I have done really well so I need to get back into this habit, plus by doing these I can see if there are any trends to when I eat good or bad. I know that with things reopening I am going to be having some days out but whilst I am out I am determined to make healthier choices rather than ordering the biggest burger like I normally would. I am also planning on having a lot less takeaways this time too, I rely on Liam cooking too much so I am hoping to help him out in the kitchen a lot more so that he doesn't just want  to order in as he is sick of cooking which is normally the case. By cooking some meals for myself too I can experiment with new foods which are going to help me with my weight loss and make different things as we do tend to repeat what we eat quite often which does get a bit boring. I am also going to try my best to limit the amount of alcohol I consume during these 90 days too as I have done this in the past and had fantastic results, I know that is more than possible to really limit this apart from a few days when I am hoping to go out with Liam or family, I just need to not go overboard on those days. 

This time around I am also hoping that having some incentives I am going to push myself and achieve my goal for the end of the 90 days. I am going to treat myself to a new pair of sneakers when I get to half a stone lost as I have my eyes on a few pairs lately but I want to earn them rather than just buy them. When I lose a stone I am going to treat myself to a new football shirt or two as I have my eye on a few and they are definitely a treat for working hard and losing such a big amount of weight in just 90 days. I am hoping that in the 90 days I can lose a total of 1 stone which is my main goal but if I do lose more than this then that will be a fantastic result I just think that 1 stone is a realistic goal for the amount of work I am planning on doing to achieve this. I just need to remember to keep on track with my measurements this time around too as I really slacked on that last time and I think I could end up seeing some big changes. 

So there we go I am going to be creating some great habits that I am going to stick to and work on throughout the 90 day challenge and beyond as I am determined to do much better than last time and keep up with any progress I made to continue my weight loss journey in the right direction. I have 90 days to make a huge difference on my journey and lets hope by the end of the 90 days on the 22nd August I am happy with how things I have gone and that my round up post is a very positive one.

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