Do I Transition My Wardrobe?


One thing I love to watch on YouTube is people transitioning their wardrobes between seasons, not only does it give you ideas of items to add to your own wardrobe but it is also great to see the persons reaction when they find a piece of clothing they forgot they had. Even though I enjoy watching these videos is it something I would do myself? Well I have never actually done it before but I am currently trying to weigh up the pros and cons of actually transitioning my wardrobe for a change so who knows in 2021 I might give it a try to see if it works for me. 

Personally I think it would just feel like too much hassle having to go through my wardrobe before the end of each season to see what needed packing away or what could still be worn. At the moment our only storage space is in the loft so it would mean I would need to fit everything through the tiny loft hatch and then get it out every few month possibly, plus I know as soon as something went up there I would want to get it straight back out.  I would probably even struggle to put time to one side to go through my wardrobe as even decluttering my wardrobe is a task I usually give up on after around 20 minutes, if it isn't interesting I just drift off to something else. 

It would also just be my luck that I would put all my winter clothes away for the warmer weather and the weather turn bad a week later or vice versa. Especially where I live the weather is hardly the same as anywhere else in the UK so putting away my clothes season to season could definitely cause a bit of an issue. Plus when I look at it I don't really dress for specific seasons, any t-shirts I wear for summer I just layer up when it is cold with a hoodie or jacket and I wear hoodies basically all year round so for me to transition my wardrobe I would probably end up doing more damage than good because I would have to find pieces to suit the season or just cut back on a few pieces I already had which in that case I might as well leave the wardrobe as it is. I really just feel like transitioning would be a waste of time for me as I wouldn't wear bits as much as I currently do and it would take me time that to be honest lately I don't really have. 

I kind of like having plenty of choice in my wardrobe too as it makes getting ready quite fun as I could literally wear anything that day, if I was transition my wardrobe I would be taking away a section of those choices each day and I think I would easily get bored of my options and end up going out spending far too much on new pieces just to change it up from day to day. There is also the fact that my style actually changes from day to day, in fact no two days are every the same really. One day I could go for a super casual look and the next day I might end up wanting to dress a whole lot smarter. Some days I like to play around with layers and other days a t-shirt is a winner for me so I think by transitioning my wardrobe I would actually feel a bit deflated as options would be gone and I would be dressing the same over and over again. 

On the plus side though by transitioning my wardrobe I would create a lot more wardrobe space which is always needed. Me and Liam actually share a wardrobe and it isn't the biggest wardrobe in the first place, I definitely take up 3/4's of the space in the wardrobe so poor Liam barely has any space. If I was to transition my wardrobe though I would easily be able to create more space for if Liam wanted to buy any new clothing for himself for a change. Having some more space would definitely be great as it would look a lot less cluttered and it might stop the rail from looking like it is going snap at any moment. 

By transitioning my wardrobe I would also be making planning outfits much easier for myself too. If I put away the clothes that aren't seasonably suitable then I am making it easier for me to see what is suitable for the weather. If I am limited to seasonally appropriate outfits then the hunt for clothes will be reduced each day and I don't have to waste time getting changed multiple times. This definitely an area that I could use help in so who knows it could be really beneficial to actually begin to transition my wardrobe. 

A big positive is that it could actually save me money. If I am story pieces away until that specific season appears again I could end up rediscovering old favourites or even coming across an item I was going to splash the cash on as I forgot I had it. If going in the loft and bringing out the clothing I stored away gives me that feeling of having new clothes every couple of months then my bank account would definitely be happy for me to start transitioning my wardrobe. 

So far I am definitely still on the fence about actually trying to transition my wardrobe from season to season but I am planning on fully rebuilding my wardrobes contents when I have lost the weight I need to get to my goal size so who knows by the time that happens and with me starting a fresh already I might end up happily transitioning my wardrobe on a seasonable basis especially as I am already planning on making better choices when it comes to my clothing. Do you transition your wardrobe? 

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