Morning Routine Work Day

After a year off work due to being furloughed my routine has been all thrown out of sync however, now I am back in work at long last I am having the chance to create a whole new routine that is going to fit my new lifestyle a whole lot better. Over the past year with me not being at work I have spent a lot of time working on myself and improving my fitness whilst losing weight, I didn't want to ruin my progress and I wanted to stay on track with my goals and continue making the weight loss progress and keep it off. I also feel more energised throughout the day these days so I wanted to keep aspects in even if it involved waking up a bit earlier to fit everything in. So here is my new work day morning routine now I am finally back. 

First stage is getting up and now I am back in work I am having to wake up a bit earlier so I set a few different alarms to make sure I am up and out of bed. I am currently aiming to be out of bed by 6.30am although I definitely want to make that 6am once my body gets used to the early starts again. 

Once I am up I throw on my workout clothes and get my workout done. These take me anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour and I find it such a good way to start my day. I have found if I start my day with a workout I am more energised throughout the whole day and mentally I just feel much better. 

When the workout is complete I jump straight into the shower and try not to spend too long in their as I don't have the time to waste so it is basically a case of straight in and straight out, I just hate going about my day after a workout if I haven't had a shower. Plus now my hair is back short it doesn't take 2 minutes to wash. Once I am out of the shower I do my new skincare routine before heading to the spare room to get ready. I tend to lay all my clothes for the week out on a Sunday now just to make getting ready easier each morning as it definitely speeds up the getting ready process. By the time I am dressed my hair is usually dry so I quickly style that how I want it (post coming soon) and head on to the next step in my routine. 

Once I am dressed it is time to head down and have some breakfast. For so long this has been something I have skipped but since having it daily I have noticed I am snacking a lot less and it is just a good way to start the day. I tend just to stick to eggs or cereal on a morning as I never know how much time I am going to have but I now make sure I am eating it daily no matter how small as it still makes a difference. 

Once breakfast is done I will go to get my backpack and make sure I have everything in there that I need. I always have my glasses in here and a few other bits including my laptop so I can do some blogging on a lunch time instead of sitting around. Once I know I have everything I will then add my lunch to my bag which is usually sorted the evening before and I will just add any extra snacks such as a protein cookie and some crisps and some drinks. 

When I have checked I have got everything I will then head out of the door and walk to work. For so long I would be lazy and get a lift to work but now I happily get my steps in to start my day. It feels good to get some extra fresh air and I actually get to work a whole lot quicker. 

So there you have it I am hoping this new routine is one I can stick to as it is definitely going to be very beneficial for me and I am still getting my workouts in instead of having to worry about fitting them in at the end of the day after a long day at work. No doubt this will be adapted a few times but for now it is great and I actually look forward to getting out of bed and getting ready for work as it isn't one big rush.

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