Changing The Blogging Set Up

I have blogged from literally all over the house but when it comes to it I have always used my gaming PC space for writing my blog posts.

This space has always been ideal for me as the dual monitors mean I can watch a video whilst writing a post or I can have extra information on the second screen meaning that it definitely helps me with my productivity. The gaming PC is pretty quick too meaning I can fly through things easily and I am in the games room with Liam there to keep me company. However, lately this space just isn't doing it for me any more and I have wanted my own space where I can either use a notebook or my Macbook without having to move the keyboard etc out of the way to create space. Plus being in the games room can be a bit of a distraction with the videos, consoles and Liam either gaming or playing music quite loud and I have noticed my productivity has dropped a fair bit. That is why things have changed a little bit... 

I am still planning on using my area in the games room for blogging occasionally especially if I feel like I haven't seen Liam much but things in the house are changing... I am creating a little office for myself, I am using the spare room and am currently in the process of changing it from a dressing room into a space where I can go blog with very little distraction which is definitely needed currently. 

A lot of my time lately is being spent on my football blog as I am taking that more serious and have plans in place to improve it and add new elements so I wanted a space where I could happily sit and do all this. One thing I am hoping to do is get into podcasting so this office room will give me a space where I can be alone and record which will be great, I can just shut any noise or distraction out. 

I can set my Macbook on the old dressing table with my to do list at the side of it and happily type a way but there is also some extra space for a notebook if needed. I can also add my microphone and iPad if I am recording too as my old iPad is currently acting as a second screen with notes etc on, although I do want to upgrade this and get a new one as my old one won't even update anymore it is that outdated. I can also keep anything charging on the floor so they are easy to access if needed. 

On the other side of the room I also have a pretty comfy sofa bed so I can always sit on here to do blog posts etc if I don't feel like being sat at the desk. It is just nice having a change of scenery sometimes and this little office space is just what is needed. The Alex drawers are full of stationary, tech and other bits to help with my productivity so everything is finally in one space and I aren't backwards and forwards for bits I have forgotten in the other room. 

With this area now being mainly for my football blog there is certainly a football theme running throughout it which I really do believe motivates me that little bit more as football is something that motivates me with a lot of things in life and it helps me align with my goals too. 

Granted this set up is temporary and unfinished for now but it is something  I am slowly working on piecing together to create the perfect blogging area so no doubt some furniture may change over time but for now I am just really looking forward to heading into this room or the games room and creating content basically on daily basis these days. I know that I am going to be using the office area a whole lot more now and I will be sure to do a full office tour once I am happy with it. 

Productivity will definitely be increasing and I am looking forward to what the future holds for all 3 of my blogs. Where do you blog or work from in your home?  Do you have a dedicated area? 

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