What I Eat In A Typical Work Day

At long last I am back to work and I am determined not to let my hard work from the past year be undone. I have tried my hardest while I have been on furlough to eat the best I can and shift my weight and it is working, that is why I am going to be cutting out going to the takeaway, sandwich shop and Tesco on my lunch and be better prepared. My eating habits have certainly got a lot better and I am set on improving them even more over the next few months but for now here is what a typical day of eating is like now I am back in the office... 

My breakfast really depends on what time I wake up and if I do a workout or not. If I am up early enough I will make my current favourite breakfast which is two fried eggs in a bagel, I have found that this fills me up a lot more than just a slice of toast and it is super easy to make. If I am in a bit of a rush though or can't be bothered cooking that morning I will just settle for some cereal, at the moment my favourite is a bowl of Weetabix protein and my diary free milk or I will pick Shreddies or Rice Krispies if I fancy something different. Sometimes the cereal will fill me up for the morning and other days it just doesn't cut it and I am hungry after a few hours so I am a bit hit and miss with it. A new addition these past few weeks has been a MyProtein Clear Whey protein shake alongside my breakfast which goes down easily and helps me get more protein into my diet. 

Lunch time is where I would go out and spend an absolute fortune on rubbish food but that has changed as I now try to prepare my food in advance and bring something with me daily which isn't only a healthier option but it is also a much more cost effective option which we have found. What I have for my lunch honestly depends on if I am in the mood to cook the night before or not. On the days where I am happy to cook I tend to go for a turkey taco mix which is turkey mince with taco seasoning and some peppers, I have found this is really filling and really tasty. If I fancy a cold lunch though I tend to go for a sandwich and these days I have Quorn vegan chicken in these as it is a lot nicer than I thought it would be, team it up with some Violife cheese and you are onto a winner. Someday's though I will just bring a ready meal with me that is a low calorie option from Tesco and Asda, these are my go to in the cold weather as they have some great warm meal options such as curry. 

I have definitely cut down on my snacks throughout the day however, when I do fancy a little extra to eat just to get me through the day I seem to always go for the same sort of thing. Of course I have a coffee whilst at my desk every day just to give me a bit more of an energy boost and keep me awake but I will also usually have a Fibre 90 cake bar which fills any chocolate craving and fills me back up a little bit or I will have a birthday cake Rice Krispie bar which is still low calorie but really nice. Some days though I will end up grabbing a protein bar as I am loving those at the moment especially the Snickers ones I have recently discovered, I actually prefer these over a normal Snickers bar. 

Once I am home from work we seem to tend to pick the same sort of meals for dinner, if we can't be bothered that day or if we fancy a treat we will order something in from our favourite takeaway but if not we tend to stick to meals that involve chicken or our favourite turkey burgers. We have have found that these sort of meals are just easier to make after we have both had long days at work, my favourite at the moment is Asda's hunters chicken it is absolutely gorgeous. 

What does a typical day of eating on a work day look like for you? 

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