April 2021 New In

Well it is safe to say I have spent plenty of money in April, in fact I think I ended up going a bit overboard however, with the shops reopening I thought I would treat myself as I had saved a fair bit of money whilst they were shut. Plus I got the news at the start of April that I would be back working full time towards the end of the month so after trying on a lot of my work clothing I realised I needed to pick up some bits that actually fit me and that I also needed some bits for the changing weather. So here is what I picked up in April...

I finally managed to pick up a tech bag after wanting one for a long time. I wasn't originally planning on picking this up in April but it was on an Amazon daily deal so I bit the bullet and picked it up. Now I finally have a space for everything so I don't keep misplacing cables and memory cards. 

Demi Lovato's new album was finally released and the UK store had a really good offer on so I bit the bullet and made the purchase. Originally I wasn't going to buy this as I could just listen to it on Spotify but when I could get the album and 2 cassettes for just £12.99 I couldn't resist. I love the different artwork on each case and I am so glad I bought them as I now own every Demi Lovato album on CD, I just can't get enough of her. 

My skin has been terrible lately and I got pretty bad sun burn in April a few times so I thought I would give this sensitive skin sun cream a go. I am sick of catching the sun all the time and it is time I start to protect my skin a whole lot more and try limit the amount of times this year I spend applying Aloe Vera to the burns. 

My lips are also in terrible condition these days too which I think is a mix of getting burnt and wearing a mask a lot more. So I have picked up this Blistex in hopes of giving them more protection and repairing them. 

When I was at my parents clearing out the loft once again I came across my mum's old Bradford City jacket which I have always had my eye on as I love the colours of it. So I chanced it and tried it on and it fit me which definitely surprised me, my mum then very kindly said I could keep it and now I just can't wait to get back to the football to wear it again. 

I recently picked up the England Lionesses away shirt so when I was shopping recently and found the home shirt for just £10 I had to pick it up to complete the set. I love these shirts from the FIFA women's world cup 2019 so to have them both is fantastic and it cost me a lot less than I expected to get them for. 

When I found my England shirt there was just one of these Barcelona shirts left at the side of it and it was reduced to £15 so I wasn't leaving it behind. Granted this is a long way off fitting me but I just wasn't leaving it there as it is one of my favourite Barcelona shirts. I just wish they had the men's version of this instead of me having to get the women's one. 

My auntie was looking around some local charity shops and she came across this Atletico Madrid shirt for just £4.99. She asked if I canted it getting and of course I wasn't going to say no. The tags have been removed from it but it does look pretty real to me and at £4.99 I can't complain. 

One thing I noticed I was missing when I was sorting through my clothes was a pair of denim shorts. Yeah I have one pair at the moment but I wanted a pair of denim shorts that looked a little different so when I saw these in Primark I wasn't leaving them behind. I bought these in a size below my usual and to be honest I still have a bit of weight to lose until they fit comfortably but I am determined to work hard and fit into them by summer. 

I also needed to get some new jersey shorts so I just picked up these grey ones from Poundland's clothing range for just £5. They have actually really surprised me how comfortable and good quality they are. I am definitely going to be wearing these a lot as the weather warms up and no doubt I will be purchasing more soon. 

I have wanted some navy blue chinos for a while so when I saw these in Matalan I knew I was going to purchase them. What sold me on these is that the back is actually elasticated so they provide a really good fit. I got these a size down from  my normal size and thanks to that elastic it gives them a really good fit. 

A few years ago I got some checked pants from Matalan but unfortunately they were getting a bit too big for me but I just couldn't get rid of them as I loved them so much. So when I saw them back in store I more or less ran over to them and got them in a size smaller than previously. I can't wait to be wearing these a whole lot more. 

I work in a really old building so it is cold all year round, which isn't great for planning work outfits because it could be the height of summer outside and the middle of winter in the office. So when I saw this jumper down to £3 in Primark I wasn't leaving it behind as it will be perfect for those colder office days as it is not too thick. Plus it will be perfect for those colder spring days.

I also managed to find this shirt in Primark for just £3 so I thought I would pick it up for work just to smarten myself up a little bit. This is a bit tight at the moment as I purchased a size down from my usual but I am determined for it to fit much better in the very near future. 

I am trying my best to stop wearing black all the time so I picked up some new plain t-shirts from Primark. At £2 these are perfect to experiment with so I don't feel like I have wasted too much money if the colours don't end up working for me. Primark have some great colours at the moment but for now I just picked up the navy blue, sandy, light blue and purple ones. 

Finally my dad actually found this shirt for himself but they didn't have his size but I actually ended up falling in love with the shirt and thought it would be perfect for me for the spring and summer months. This was just £10 and I know that I am going to be able to get plenty of wear out of this throughout the rest of the year.

So that is what I purchased throughout April, it was definitely a spendy one and I think that May might just be as bad as the purchases have already begun rolling in. What is your favourite purchase from April?

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