April 2021 Favourites

Well April flew by in the blink of an eye and it has been a pretty busy month. The UK has finally seen a bit of normality return with the opening of none essential shops and us now being able to sit outdoors for a meal or drink, plus we can meet up to 6 other people which is absolutely fantastic as it is just one step closer to all this craziness being over. April was filled with birthdays and a return to work for me but here are my favourite things from the month...


Getting Dressed Up  

The fact that I could actually go out and wear something other than lounge wear or fitness clothes has been absolutely brilliant. For the past year I have mainly lived in tracksuits, lounge clothes or my workout gear so to actually have something to make an effort for has been fantastic. I had a few days out where I put extra effort into my outfit as I had been missing out on the feeling of getting dressed up and feeling good. My return to work also meant I had even more of a reason to make an effort and piecing items together to make the best outfit possible is just fantastic. 


One of my favourite things from the month has definitely been the ability to go out shopping at long last. With my weight loss I have needed to update my wardrobe a fair bit recently but I haven't wanted to order online as I am at the awkward in between sizes stage so I haven't wanted to mess around with returns. That is why I have held of making purchase until I could go in store and pick items out myself and I have certainly enjoyed treating myself to new clothing and having clothes that fit me better has been an amazing feeling.



The weather has been surprisingly nice for the most of April which has meant we have finally been able to properly enjoy our garden which has been fantastic and I am hoping the weather stays nice so I can do some outdoor workouts and spend even more time out there. I am so pleased with how the garden is coming along and I think once the finishing touches are added its going to look perfect for us. We even managed to have a lovely BBQ at the end of the month and I am sure there will be more of them in the near future. 

Health & fitness

Buying Clothing A Size Down 

Whilst the scales might not be changing much I have seen progress in other areas. To be honest it was really starting to get to me that the scales weren't moving and I wanted to quit quite a few times but I kept going although not as much as I would have liked. I must be doing something right though as my clothes were all getting too big on me and that is why one of my favourite things has been going out and buying new clothes in a size down from my usual size. I have found this just makes me feel proud of how far I have come so far and makes me more determined to get another size down soon. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from April. What are your favourites from April 2021?

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