April 2021 Fitness Update


April seemed to absolutely fly by and it seems to have been a pretty good month with birthdays to celebrate and I finally got back into work after so long. It has been a great month for my fitness and weight loss journey too as I have noticed so many changes in myself. I am feeling more confident in myself, my clothes fit loads better, some are even too big. I have also finally seen a positive change on the scales too which is brilliant. So here is a look back at the goals I set for myself for May...

Lose 3 lb
Well I was so close to doing this but I am more than happy with losing the 2lb I have as it is definitely better than nothing or gaining like I have the past few months. Getting back into a routine definitely helped me a lot and I can only hope this continues. 

 Take my meals to work
On the days that I was in work in April I did take my meals 99% of the time and if I had to buy a lunch I picked a healthier option. It has been great doing this as I am eating much better and I am feeling much better after lunch instead of just wanting to go for a sleep. 

 Reduce the amount of takeaways I have
I definitely did this as we tried to cut back in April and to be honest we still had a few takeaway treats but we did have less than usual. We just need to start planning our meals much better as that is what ultimately leads to us ordering in as we have nothing in the house that day.

 Try new fruits
I didn't actually manage to do this one as when we have been to the supermarket honestly the fruit section has been a little bit bare for some reason. I definitely want to do this as I have a lack of fruit in my diet and I need to try add new things. 

 Keep on top of my workouts
I actually managed to do quite a few workouts throughout the month and it was a mix of program workouts and dance workouts. Even if I have had an early start I have tried really hard to make sure I get a workout done and by doing this I have felt so much better throughout the day instead of slacking by lunch time. 

Try shadow boxing as a workout
I didn't get around to doing this one because honestly I was enjoying myself too much when I was doing my dance workouts as they push me and are so fun to do. It is funny really because I used to hate anything that involved dancing but now it is one of my preferred ways of working out. 

Continue going for walks 
Unfortunately I only managed to go on a few walks throughout April just because of me becoming a bit busier and the weather not been too good. On the days that we would get up early to head off on a walk the weather just wasn't up to scratch so we didn't want to risk it. I am hoping we can get back to weekly long walks soon though. 

So here is how my weight loss went on the scales...

Beginning of March weight : 15 stone 13 lb 
End of March weight : 15 stone 11 lb

Total loss for the month : -2 lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in May...

- Lose 4 lb 
- Go for more walks
- Try a new activity
- Try to eat 3 meals a day
- Have a cold shower each day. 

I seem to have had a switch flicked in my mind lately and I am more determined than ever to smash my goals and see the scales go down again this month. I might be back in work but I am determined to smash my goals and stop undoing all the progress I am making. Lets hope we see another loss for the end of May. 

Total loss for 2021 : + 1/4 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 5 & 3/4 lb

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