It Is Time To Clean Out My Wardrobe


At long last I am finally going to be tackling my wardrobe and giving it a really good declutter. I haven't done this for years but now is the time for me just to pull everything out and be completely ruthless with my decisions and stop clinging onto pieces for the sake of it, some of my clothing is about 5 years old and I am never going to wear it again so why am I allowing it to take up space? Simply for sentimental reasons that needs to stop. Me and Liam share a wardrobe and chest of drawers and thanks to the amount of clothing I have he barely has any space for his clothing which is just ridiculous. I also have things for all seasons out in my wardrobe when I could very easily save space by packing away items that wont be used for months, like having shorts out for winter it just isn't needed so much space could be saved and Liam could have more items of clothing for a change if he wished. I keep saying I am going to clear out my wardrobe and I will get rid of 1 piece and call it that but I just need to pull everything out and get rid if I haven't worn it lately. 

So here are some of the main reasons why I want to finally just go into the bedroom and have a really good clothing declutter...

Sick of hanging onto items for the sake of it

As I said at the start of the post I am just sick of holding onto an item for a silly sentimental reason, like old band t-shirts that I got just because I liked them at the time or clothing I wore in the early days of mine and Liam's relationship. They just take up space that could be used for other items that I am going to wear because the ones I am holding onto are from my teens and are never going to fit me again. 

Items No Longer Fit

I am currently absolutely sick of going into my wardrobe pulling something out to wear that day and it no longer fitting me. I have steadily been losing weight since 2020 so a lot of my clothing is now too big so I just need to go through try bits on and finally get rid of the items that are too big or that are too small and I am no longer going to wear. This will not only save space but will also save me having to get changed multiple times in a day. 

Items Are Old, Worn Out & Have Lost Shape

I have noticed when putting outfits together lately that some of my clothing is just really out of shape due to the amount of times it has been through the washer and drier, honestly I hate it when this happens as I feel like it just downgrades an outfit so I like to keep my items in top shape, that is why anything out of shape will be gone and I can start a fresh. I have also noticed a few of my black t-shirts have started fading too due to washes and sunlight so I need to stop clinging to them and get rid at last that way I can purchase some new ones and have them looking black again like they should be. 

My Style Has Changed Over The Years

My style has definitely evolved over recent years and to be honest I am still trying to work out my perfect style to this day. I have accumulated a lot of printed t-shirts over the years, some Disney, some gaming related and others are sports related but I barely wear them now. The only printed t-shirt I wear are sports ones or those from the athletic brands anything else is just sat in my wardrobe. I definitely prefer wearing more subtle and smarter clothing as I just feel so much better in it and it fits me much better. So I want to clear out all those bits that are unworn although the gaming related ones will be moved to drawers so I can wear them whilst having lounging gaming days. I would rather have a streamlined wardrobe while I find my style rather than just having an overflowing wardrobe full of bits I will never wear again. 

Want To Categories My Wardrobe 

Getting ready on  morning is a nightmare and so is planning outfits as there are just bits of clothing all over the place with no sort of order to it. This makes it so difficult to find things as bits get hid behind others or screwed up on the shelving at the bottom. I just know by clearing out my wardrobe and organising it that getting ready daily is going to be so much easier and that clothing items are going to be worn so much more as I know exactly where they are. This will also make getting ready for work much easier too as I can have a section just for work wear which will be very beneficial as I keep wearing jumpers that are for work on just a day to day basis then I have nothing to wear for work which is a nightmare. 

Save Money By Knowing What I Have

There has been so many times that I have searched my wardrobe and couldn't find the item I was looking for so gave up and just went and bought a new version which has cost me so much money in the long run. I need to stop doing this as it would save me an absolute fortune in the long run. I am hoping that decluttering my wardrobe and having categories stops this from happening anymore as I can easily see where everything is and what I do or don't need so no more wasted money and items being neglected. 

Lifestyle Has Changed

I have gone from being off work furloughed to being back in the office on weekdays so all the lounge wear and casual clothing is not needed half as much as before yet work clothing is becoming a priority so I need to declutter the wardrobe to make space for more suitable work clothing and also clothing suitable for other occasions when I go out for meals or shopping trips. There is no need for all my leisurewear and lounge wear to just be sat there anymore when the space could be used for something I would actually wear. 

I am actually quite looking forward to clearing out the wardrobe and basically starting a fresh, if I do need to replace items though I wont be going overboard as I am still aiming to lose a lot more weight this year. I will just purchase the essentials and I am determined not to hold on to items for ridiculous reasons like I previously have. Do you enjoy clearing out your wardrobe? 

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