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Well my whole plan of not spending a fortune in May didn't really go to plan by the looks of how long this post is going to go on for. It has been a pretty busy month though, I have been back to work full time but I have still managed to find to go out and spend plenty of money in between working, I also had a few nights away which led to me picking up a few new pieces too. I am also starting something new very soon that I need a few bits for which added to the spending but it is all for a good cause. I have certainly bought a mixture of things over the month in a variety of categories so here is what I picked up...

First up we have the most random of them all on the list, a new soft toy which I got whilst I was away. At the little fun fair they had I had a go on the darts game and ended up bringing this soft toy home with me, it was one of those where you get a price every time but I actually surprised myself my by getting close to getting the next prize up.

There was this really good American sweet shop whilst we were away to so I had to call in to see what was on offer. I wasn't expecting to buy anything but when I saw these Dragonball drinks I knew I had to at least get Liam a can, but I ended up buying us both a can in the end. They were a couple of pounds each but even if they taste no good the cans look cool. 

Now this is a very random purchase but I wasn't leaving it behind. My sister tends to have a halloween party each year so when I saw this Optimus Prime costume for £3 I thought I might as well pick it up ready for this halloween if we can get back to having parties by then. It is a good fit and surprisingly good quality to say it was so cheap to buy... maybe a post might make it to Instagram one day but who knows. 

I have been redoing my gaming PC set up which also happens to be where I do a lot of my blogging from. So as I have to monitors I picked up this dual monitor arm so that I have a bit more space on my desk for writing in my notebook with blog ideas. This fits my screens perfect and has really done the trick in creating more space for me.

Is it a gaming set up without RGB lights? I picked up this Govee strip light to add to underneath my desk and along the back as my other one was rubbish. This is perfect and I can also control it with my phone which is great. I love this light strip that much I am actually hoping to get the same for on the back of our console set up too.

You can't have a new set up without a new desk really can you? This in total cost £20 and it is perfect for what I wanted as it is nice and light so brightens up my little corner a bit more and it also gives me a little extra space to blog and game on. I honestly wish I had purchased this a lot sooner. 

I finally made the jump and purchased myself a new headset for my PC which will also work on the PlayStation so I get extra value for money in that sense which is great as this headset wasn't cheap. So far this is fantastic and much better than my previous headset which was really falling apart. I know that I am definitely going to get my wear out of this.

My auntie has been on the hunt for football shirts for me and she managed to find me this Manchester United shirt with the one and only Chicharito on the back. This is definitely too big for me but this is one of my favourite Man Utd shirts and Chicharito is one of my favourite players. This is going straight into my shirt collection.

I managed to get Liam a treat this month too, I got him this Barcelona 17/18 third shirt from an account I follow on Instagram and honestly I wish I had got myself one too as it is such a nice shirt. I absolutely love the colours of this shirt and the detailing in the actually print of the shirt. 

One of my favourite YouTubers Ellis from Away Days brought out his own football shirts so I managed to get one of these too and I am so glad I did as I had missed out on the previous ones he did. The colours of this shirt work really well and the detailing is fantastic. I can't wait to get wearing this. 

My dad won a competition run by Bradford City Women a few month back and this month he received his prize (thanks to us forgetting to go collect it). He very kindly gave me the prize as unfortunately he is a Chelsea fan but he knows how much I love Bradford and football shirts. This is this seasons shirt signed by this seasons men's first team and it is going straight on display as it is the perfect addition to my forever growing collection. 

It is safe to say my parents are very supportive when it comes to my football blog and whilst we were away they got me this brilliant personalised street sign with the blogs name on it. I am slowly turning the spare room into a bit of an office for myself so this will be going pride of place on one of the walls so I can see it daily. Who knows it might even end up in a few blog photos in the future as it just looks so good. In fact I could easily be tempted to purchase another one for if we ever went to an event or to have in image backgrounds. 

I have recently started a boxing fitness class and I needed some gloves for it so I picked these ones up from Sports Direct, honestly I don't really know what to expect from these but I think they are going to be perfect for what I need them for. I am just glad I picked the right size as I almost bought the ones that were a bit too heavy. 

With the warm weather hopefully approaching soon I thought I would pick up this Everlast vest top for my home workouts. I love the colour of this and it was only £7.99. I tried it on and it is a really nice fit so I can't wait for the weather to finally change so I can get wearing this. Hopefully I can get some workouts done outdoors too this year and this will be perfect. 

I finally picked up some new Sports Bras for boxing and working out as my other just weren't cutting it any more. This time I have opted for some high impact ones as that is the sort of workout I will be doing. These were 30% off from Marks & Spencer and I really hope they are better than my previous ones. 

I ended up getting me and my nephew some matching socks from Asda too ready for the Olympics and Euros. I just cant get enough of anything football related so these were perfect and cheap too. I think I might end up buying more socks from the Asda kids section as they fit me much better than other pairs I have had in the past. 

I seem to have a thing for jersey shorts recently and I am getting well and truly stocked up on them ready for the warmer weather. These Lee Copper ones were just £4.99 and are really good quality. I think that for the most of summer I could be living in these to stay nice and cool. I think I need to stop buying jersey shorts now though. 

I also picked up a pair of PlayStation shorts from Asda and I am now regretting not buying the matching t-shirt too. I love the colours on these shorts and they are a really nice lightweight material so they will be perfect for staying cool in the games room in the summer and for just lounging around in our garden or a family members. I paid £12 for these and typically the week after they were reduced to just £6. 

From Poundland me and my nephew picked up some matching Union Jack shorts ready for the Olympics and for when we go away together. I absolutely love that places do mini me ranges these days as it is really fun getting to match my nephew and he seems to like matching too. These were a little snug when I originally got them so I am hoping that they fit much better when the time comes for us to wear them. 

I love the NBA and Primark now do a NBA range which looks absolutely fantastic, unfortunately the only thing I could find for me was this Chicago Bulls t-shirt but I am on the hunt for more of the range in my size. I normally stay clear of white t-shirts but this one is a bit better quality and is a nice fit, granted it is a bit see-through but I am fine with that hopefully soon it might fit me a bit oversized as I continue to lose weight.  

I have had my eye on these Adidas t-shirts for a while now and my sister is the one who told me to purchase this purple one. I am trying to add a bit of colour to my wardrobe as I am purchasing new items due to my weight loss. This was £25 and after trying it on it is the perfect fit for me. I love this one that much I already have my eye on a few different colour variations they have. 

Finally I bought yet another pair of sneakers whilst I was away. I love the Alexander McQueen sneakers but there is no way I am going to pay over £200 for a pair of sneakers so I got this pair for just £15. They look a little bit like the Alexander McQueens at just a fraction of the cost, plus they make me a little bit taller which is just what I need. I think these look quite smart and I am really looking forward to styling them and wearing them probably far too much. Who knows one day I might get a real pair but for now these will do perfectly. 

So there you go that is what I picked up in May and I definitely seemed to go a little bit overboard but let's hope I can reign it in for June. What was your favourite purchase from May? 

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