What I Eat On A Typical Weekend


I have noticed lately that my eating habits seem to be the same every weekend and thanks to me having more time on a weekend I actually believe I eat much better than I do during the weekend as I have more time to cook meals and eat them instead of rushing around skipping meals which has happened a bit too much during the weeks lately. Since last year my diet has definitely changed to be a whole lot healthier but weekends are classed as treat days for me although I do actually try to keep everything in moderation still so that I don't undo all my hard work. Previously with us being at the football most weekends my diet was McDonald's or pies at the football but with the lockdown happening and fans not being allowed in stadiums that has changed and I am at home so I can focus on what I am eating and I don't feel like venturing out just to get fast food these days which is due to me working on myself and changing my mindset when it comes to food. So here is what a typical weekend looks like for me in terms of eating... 

For breakfast I tend to go for two options lately as a weekend treat. During the first lockdown in 2020 I replaced our usual trip to McDonald's by making a homemade sausage & egg McMuffin which was gorgeous and a lot healthier than the usual one from the fast food chain. They definitely turned out a lot better than I expected so some weekends we treat ourselves to this especially when we just fancy jumping in the car and going to McDonald's for breakfast, it has not only helped me eat better but it is also a great money saver too. My new favourite though which is definitely a weekend winner is a fried egg bagel. It is so simple and fills me up for quite a while, all I need to do is fry two eggs and toast a bagel (when I can be bothered) and I am good to go. I have found that this fills me up a lot more than expected and I don't need to snack between breakfast and lunch when I have this meal which is always a bonus. 

Lunch is pretty similar to the weekdays for me on a weekend as these meal combinations are favourites of mine which are very easy to make and are pretty good for me compared to the Tesco meal deal I used to get. First up I love to have some seasoned chicken with pasta or rice, if I am feeling particularly lazy I will go for precooked chicken and a packet or rice as it is so much quicker, or I will cook and season some chicken and have some pasta with it which takes a bit more time but is great. If I know I am having chicken for my dinner though I will often swap the chicken from my lunch out with a tin of tuna which again is a really quick and easy lunch to have. 

For our dinners we usually we tend to either have some form of chicken and chips just as we do most evenings during the week, we usually just get the Asda chicken where you can have hunters chicken or loaded chicken as it is really nice, pretty healthy and quite quick to make. They have plenty of variety of chicken so we don't have to be having the same thing multiple times a week. It seems as though we prefer chicken to other meats lately. Sometimes if we fancy it we will have a bit of a steak night every now and again and we tend to have this on a weekend so we can just enjoy our evening together, this is a pretty rare occasion but it is definitely something I would love to do more often, a themed night for food each weekend could be pretty fun. With it being the weekend we will use one evening as a treat/cheat day where we will order a takeaway where surprise surprise I order chicken and chips 9 times out of 10, we definitely need to cut back on takeaways so those themed nights might definitely be a weekend staple soon. 

There are plenty of snacks thrown in the mix on a weekend too especially with me just being sat at home but over the past few months I have tried my best to swap out the junk I eat to healthier alternatives. In terms of crisps I tend to have swapped them out to popchips or proper chips which are quite a bit healthier than what I used to eat. I also go for none dairy ice cream or yogurts too so that my stomach doesn't ache for days after too. I do still eat a fair bit of chocolate too but I go for none dairy chocolate too or I just try to not eat a full share bag like I used to as that was definitely my downfall when it came to food. I normally stick to just water during the week just because it means I only need to have 1 bottle with me but on a weekend I definitely change up what I drink, I still have my water but that is normally mixed in with tea, coffee, juice, fizzy drinks or even some alcohol as it gets to the evening. 

I definitely treat myself on a weekend but as I say I do try to stay on track with my healthy eating as I want to lose weight instead of putting on what I lost during the week on a two day binge. It is amazing to see how my eating habits have changed in the space of a year as if I wrote this at the start of 2020 all the meals would have been takeaways or fast food. I am hoping to have an even better relationship with food by this time next year so who knows what this will be like in the future. Maybe I will revisit this post next year and compare how things are. 

What do you typically eat on a weekend?

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