February 2021 Fitness Update

February absolutely flew by and it doesn't feel like the month lasted two minutes. February wasn't a very good month in terms of working out as my pain in my side got a whole lot worse and made working out a lot harder. This also lead me to being lazy when I didn't have the pain too as I was just so out of routine and it was getting harder and harder to get back into one. That is why for March thing are changing and I am going to be working with a PT to get back on track and achieve my goals, it is definitely needed and I hope it really pays off. The lack of motivation definitely got to me and it didn't only effect my workouts it also effected my diet too. I ended up eating far too much junk food and takeaways just because I couldn't be bothered cooking and Liam was the same way too. The excess of junk led to me feeling even more sluggish and my skin breaking out too which I aren't too happy with. I am determined to sort out my eating habits and get back on track as I don't want to undo all the hard work I did last year. 

I have decided that I don't want to keep adding my measurements to these posts and I will do a big reveal of those at the end of the year along with some images to show the progress or lack of progress I made during the year. I will also be adding in goals each month that I will be recapping the month after to see if I achieved them or not which will hopefully be a lot of good news instead of I didn't hit this because... I think these will help hold me more accountable and really help bring my motivation back as I know exactly what I am working towards each month.

So here is how my weight loss went on the scales...

Beginning of February weight : 15 stone 10 lb 
End of February weight : 15 stone 12 lb

Total loss for the month : + 2 lb

February was a month of a weight gain but I did feel like clothes were fitting me a lot better which to be honest to me is better than any number on the scale as it has helped me feel a lot more confident and comfortable. I have set myself some goals I want to achieve for the month of March and these are... 

- Be more Consistent in my fitness/weight loss journey
- Lose 4 lb
- Add more fruit & vegetables into my diet
- Go on more walks
- Order less takeaways
- Don't get down if things don't go to plan
- Add a new style of workout into my routine

I am more than capable of achieving all these goals if I put my mind to it as they are all nice and realistic. It is just time to get back on track now, fingers crossed plenty of steady progress is made. 

Total loss for 2021 : + 3/4 lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 4 & 3/4 lb

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