Using Pinterest For Inspiration On Plenty Of Topics

Up until the end of 2019 I had heard of Pinterest however, I hadn't actually paid much attention to the site and didn't actually use it. But I finally decided to sign up and see what it is all about and I actually got a little bit hooked. I started creating pins for my blog but more importantly I ended up creating a lot of boards to help me find inspiration for various topics in my life and it has been so helpful. 

Now if I am looking at purchasing an item of clothing I will go on Pinterest and simply type in 'styling...' whichever piece it is and look for how others style it and if there are any similar styles to how I would wear the item. This is actually saving me plenty of money as there are so many outfits uploaded on there if there aren't many similar to my style then I hold off making the purchase until I can try it on for myself before making the purchase. If there are styles similar to my own though I will see if I can put my own spin on it to make it just a little bit different. 

It isn't just fashion that it helps me find inspiration for though as there are many other aspects that I have used the site for. When we were doing our garden last year I actually created a board full of things that were similar to the idea I had in my mind for our back garden, this definitely came in handy as when it came to purchasing items I could see the things that were common across my favourite pins and look to purchase those instead of wasting money on things I didn't really like. I have even used the site to find out the best storage solutions for my items when we get our hallway done as well as how I can organise and lay out my wardrobe so that clothing items don't get neglected and I can pair up outfits as fast as possible whilst still having them looking good. It is funny how just using this site has actually helped up my organisation levels and helped me stay productive as I spend a lot less time messing around and can just get on with things as I had planned before with the boards and took out all the guess work. Yes it might take a few days or months putting the boards together but it is all worth it in the end. 

All you have to do is search what you are looking for and you are more than likely going to find the inspiration you are looking for on that topic. I am currently looking at redoing my gaming PC/blogging set up in the games room so I have now built a board on the site where I can put all the set ups that are inspiring me and see if I can take ideas from them to make my own ultimate set up where I can get maximum productivity out of the space as well as enjoy my gaming time there. Just after having a quick glance I know that there are going to be plenty of pins that I can use to help me create the ultimate area that changes the area I am currently in and makes it a much more enjoyable space to what I have. 

Pinterest has definitely become one of the sites I love checking in on and every time you search something for your board something else catches your eye that you might not have seen on a previous search which for me just makes it even more exciting when you log in as you don't really know when that perfect pin is going to come along and set your future ideas in motion. I have so far used the site for inspiration for the rooms in our house, the garden, my wardrobe, organisation, fashion and now I am using it for ideas for my set up so I can definitely recommend checking the site for inspiration for things you are working on too. Now I just need to start using it to pin my blog posts to so I can drive some extra traffic to my blog which definitely helped me in the past. 

But first I am going to spend some time planning out some outfits through my boards ready for when this lockdown is over and I can get out and about again and also get looking for more set up ideas so I can get things moving with redoing that area and start being productive again instead of dreading going to sit at the PC. 

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