The Sneakers I Wish I Could Afford

It is no secret that I love a good pair of sneakers, all you have to do is read through previous posts on here or look on Instagram and Twitter. You will know from previous posts that I tend to stick to buying my sneakers in the sales just to save a bit of money or I get them for special occasions just to keep the cost down a bit as purchasing sneakers can definitely be on the expensive side these days. I might buy sneakers on a budget but I definitely have my eyes set on some of the higher end ones which to be honest are only ever really going to be wish list pairs as the prices are extortionate and the money could be put to such better use. Here are the pairs of sneakers I would love to purchase if money was no object... 

These Commes De Garcon x Converse are probably the pair I would be able to afford more realistically as they are at the lower end of the price scale. However, at £130 they are still expensive for a pair of Converse with an extra logo on the side. I love these sneakers and have done for a while now but I just currently can't bring myself to pay that price for them when I know they would end up destroyed in a few months time. I could definitely see me enjoying styling these if I got a pair in fact I already have a few ideas in mind I have wanted them that long. 

The Balenciaga Triple S sneakers are definitely at the opposite end of the scale at £650. These are definitely a dream item and also a step out of my comfort zone as I don't tend to go for chunky sneakers. I love this specific colour way and could see them going with a lot of my future wardrobe as I work on my style whilst I am purchasing new clothing during and after my weight loss. Maybe I should get some cheaper chunky sneakers just to try them out to see if the style works for me before I even consider a big purchase like this.

I have wanted a pair of UNC Jordan's for so long now or University Blue ones as they are officially called. The only problem is they are so hard to get hold of at a reasonable price as they are normally snapped up quickly in raffles and sold on by resellers. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to own a pair in this colour way but for now I will just admire them on social media. I would love to be able to style these in my own collection, with different pieces from my wardrobe as I don't have many blue sneakers. 
Off-White low top vulcanised £295

Off-White is one of those brands where I am always looking at their products even though I know I can't afford them just yet but something that stands out to me are the Low Top Vulcanised sneakers. I don't know what it is about them but every time I see them I want to add them into my collection. I love the security tags on the Off-White sneakers too. At £295 for Off-Whites I don't think the price is too bad for the brand so who knows I may have to get saving for these soon, they definitely look a bit smarter than other sneakers in my collection too.  

Finally we have the Gucci Ace Bee sneakers which at £450 are definitely on the expensive side when the likes of River Island do pairs that are very similar for around £40 if not less. These look so simple for the price tag but I just love the Gucci colours mixed with the bee on the side of the sneaker. I would love to add a pair into my collection however, I think for the time being I will stick to my River Island pairs that are serving me really well so far and not costing me a fortune.

Who knows maybe one day I might get a pair of sneakers off this list but it will definitely mean a fair bit of saving unless they end up being reduced in price but these are definitely my favourites at the moment and I would love to add them to my sneaker collection. If money was no object which pair of sneakers would you purchase? 

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