February 2021 New In

 Compared to what I have spent lately I think I did quite well throughout February as I definitely didn't spend half as much as I thought I would. Most of my purchases were for birthdays that are coming up however, I did end up treating myself to a fair few bits and here is what I picked up that I can show... 

For Easter I have got my nephew these two eggs filled with Play-Doh and cutting shapes. He really enjoys playing with Play-Doh so these are perfect for him and at £2.99 it is much better than just over facing him with chocolate. 

I am trying to change around the snacks I am eating as I started falling back into bad habits. These are actually really nice and low calories and only 99p a box. It also helps me get in a bit more fruit into my diet which I am rubbish at doing at the moment. 

Home bargains were also selling these protein shakers for under £1 so I picked one up to add to my growing collection as it is smaller than others and as I am planning on having more protein shakes in the future I wanted something smaller as I am still trying to get used to having the shakes and don't want to over face myself. 

When I was in Asda I spotted the World Book Day section was out and headed over to see if there was anything my nephew might like... instead of getting him a book though I ended up getting myself the Skulduggery Pleasant book they have published for World Book Day. At just £1 it is a great new addition to my Skulduggery Pleasant collection. 

I also picked up book 13 from the series as it is a book series I have loved since I was younger and I really want to get up to date and read the full collection. When I saw this for £4 I wasn't going to miss out on it and now I just need all the books between book 8 and 13. 

My auntie messaged me to let me know that the gaming clothing in Asda was on sale and if I wanted any of the items, which she ended up to treating me to for Easter. First up I got this Xbox hoodie which I absolutely love. I was a bit weary at first as it is a women's fit but for a change the length is perfect and it is really comfortable. 

I also got some Xbox leggings which is a big change for me as I usually never go near leggings. These are mainly going to be for lounging in but they are really nice and I have surprised myself with how much I like them. 

To go with the rest of the Xbox clothing I picked up this icon t-shirt which again has really surprised me due to it been a women's piece. I love how nice and simple this t-shirt is with the central logo and white stripes on the sleeves. I don't think this will be for just lounging as it is perfect for those days out too where I don't want to be too dressed up such as if we go for a walk. 

I didn't forget about my love for PlayStation though whilst picking up the clothing, I also got this PlayStation t-shirt with the symbols on that are a little bit glittery which again is totally opposite to what I would normally pick up. This is a bit oversized compared to the Xbox t-shirt so is going to be really comfortable for those gaming sessions. 

This was a bit of a random purchase as it was reduced down to 75p so I thought I would give it ago. This is just going to live in the games room for me to mess around with if I am sat wondering what to write for a blog post or if I am getting stressed in a game. This is meant to help reduce stress so let's see if that works. 

I also treated myself to a new Bradford City scarf for when we can finally return to games. I absolutely love this one as it says Forza City and has the old badge on it. It has been a while since I have treated myself to a football scarf and this is the perfect purchase for me. 

I seem to have become a bit hooked on buying football shirts in February and I added 3 more to my ever growing collection. First up I got this replica Juventus shirts from 1992 and it even came in this really nice Juventus box too which is definitely being kept nice and safe. I can't wait to get wearing this shirt.

After waiting far too long I finally have my hands on a Kelley O'Hara shirt and what makes this even better is it is my first NWSL shirt in my collection too. I absolutely love this Utah Royals shirts so it is definitely the best way to kick off my NWSL shirt collection.

I also added another Rangers shirt to my collection too which was a bargain at £12.99, I actually also got Liam one of these for Valentines day which he seemed to like too. I now have two Rangers shirts in my collection and I know this one definitely won't be my last. 

So there you go that is everything I bought that I can show from the month of February. What was the best thing you purchased?

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