My Favourite Way To Style My New River Island Sneakers

 If you had told me last year I would be so impressed my a pair of sale sneakers from River Island I would probably have laughed at you. However, this pair I picked up just before Christmas in the sale for just £15 is already one of my favourite pairs as I love how different they are to the other pairs I already own. They just look a whole lot smarter than any of the other sneakers I own which definitely makes them more versatile as I can dress them up for those smarter days and ditch the plain white Air Force's for a change. 

I just feel like when I put these on my outfit is dressed up a whole lot more than if I wear a pair of Nike or Adidas sneakers just due to the details on the side of the sneakers and the heel. Those are the only bits of colour on them and they certainly make the sneakers stand out a bit whilst still giving off a smart vibe rather than a plain old sneaker vibe. Even the laces are better on these for me than other sneakers as they are thinner and not really long in length so you can tie them without making them look a mess. 

I have definitely noticed that when I want to wear these sneakers there is always one outfit I put on with it as I think the colours work well together and the sneakers just make the otherwise simple outfit look that bit better. The outfit I always reach for is my black ripped skinny jeans, a plain black t-shirt and my red and black checked shirt. These items combined are my favourites and have been for a long time, in fact I actually countdown to checked shirt weather each year. However, the addition of these sneakers has made me want to wear the whole outfit all the time even though I have plenty of outfit options I could wear with them. 

For me this is a smart outfit already and you can have the shirt buttoned up or unbuttoned depending on what mood you are in. I often feel like I dress down this outfit with some of the sneakers I own due to them being beat up or just not really suiting the outfit. With these though the colours work well with the colours of the outfit and the bit of pattern on the side just adds a bit more dimension to the outfit without taking away the simplicity and they don't clash with the checks of the shirt. Add a bit of jewellery and you have the perfect outfit. 

I tend to wear my jeans cuffed when I wear these sneakers just so that none of the pattern is hidden and people can see the design. Plus I hate when my jeans go over my sneakers or shoes as I just don't think it gives you a polished look with your outfit, I think it can often make the outfit look a bit scruffy.

When I purchased the sneakers I was worried about them being cheap due to the actually price but they feel like they are really well put together and like they are going to last me quite a long time too. They aren't too narrow either which is great as I have often had an issue with this in the past with other high street stores so to have a pair that fit comfortably all round is fantastic. They don't rub when I walk either which to me shows the quality of them too and hopefully if I buy more pairs from the store then I will have the same great experience with them. 

I am definitely really impressed with these sneakers and I think in the future I am going to keep an eye on the sneakers in River Island as I am hoping I can find even more sneakers like this at a reasonable price as I am definitely enjoying that smarter look these days. Now let's just hope these don't crease easily like my Air Force 1's did. 

Have you ever bought sneakers from a high street store and been really impressed by them in the end? 

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